Xbox 360 and Wii, which became like a bunch monkey as a result of being chased at the range, on sale at the Internet auction

Before,Game Boy Advance transformed like a monster in a microwaveAlthough it introduced, it seems that Xbox 360 and Wii, which have become like a bunch of chin in the same range, are sold on the Internet auction site "eBay".

It might not be suitable for those who are slightly eerie in appearance, who darkens the room and enjoys the game.

Details are from the following.
This is a page sold on Xbox 360 which was put in a microwave and became a bunch of monsters. The price is $ 30,1002 (about 2.8 million yen).
MICROWAVED ELITE WHITE XBOX 360 ARTWORK 50% TO CHARITY - eBay (item 150341831173 end time Jan-21-10 22: 54: 53 PST)

The body of the Xbox 360 looks something like this. It seems as if it is parasitic on mysterious creatures.

I got outdoors. It is quite stiff.

Up of eyeballs

It is a transformation that you do not know exactly what it is unless it is explained as "It was originally Xbox 360".

Barely it seems that the logo was ok.

You can see where the Xbox 360 will be tapped from below with the range.
YouTube - Microwaving An Elite XBOX 360 Game System in HD Wide Screen

Then Wii. The price is 5988 dollars (about 550,000 yen).
MICROWAVED NINTENDO Wii MUTANT GAMING MACHINE - eBay (item 150333992146 end time Jan-15-10 22: 11: 45 PST)

If you are caught up in such a thing, it seems not to be in the game.

You can see how the Wii is overheated in the microwave oven from below.
YouTube - Microwaving A Nintendo Wii in Widescreen HD

Though Game Boy Advance could properly use it as a game machine, this Xbox 360 and Wii seem to be unable to play the game.

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