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Oricon announcedAnnual "book" rankingAccording to Haruki Murakami's "No. 1 overall in 2009"1Q84 BOOK 1"Estimated sales volume is estimated to be about 1080000. Next, it was the 1st place work of the first half.It seems to be easy to read and makes a mistakeable kanji that can not be read", The sequel to" 1Q84 BOOK 1 "in the third place"1Q84 BOOK 2"Is ranked in. Although "1Q84" was released without revealing the contents of the work from the intention of the author and the opinion of the reader, multiple commentary books etc. were also published, and showed the popularity that books and music appearing in the work can also be sold It was.

By the way, in the comprehensive ranking of comic division, 1st place"ONE PIECE" Volume 53Is nearly twice as much as "1Q84 BOOK 1", with sales of about 205,000 copies, ranked 12th"NARUTO - Naruto" 46Is the number of copies sold beyond "1Q84 BOOK 1". Although the release of "1Q84 BOOK 3" etc. is scheduled in 2010, what will be the ranking of next year?

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Very sexy and sensual dinner - GIGAZINE

I went to a place I should not enter the battle most, the video I had a terrible eye - GIGAZINE

Cat pretending to be dead as "Kanette" shot as "Ban!" - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

"ONE PIECE" Asahi Newspaper Jack - MSN Sankei News(Posted advertisement of 'ONE PIECE' over 9 faces in manga, Asahi Shimbun morning paper on December 4)

With that kindness: One-piece newspaper advertisement(Note, advertisement images posted in the Asahi newspaper can be confirmed)

Issues to be faced by electronic libraries, need for redesign of regulations - Western trends @ network: ITpro(Electronic library project is not going well due to net service, copyright problem, etc.)

Intel to successfully develop "single-chip cloud computer" imitating data center on one chip - Publickey(Hardware, processor with 48 cores on one chip)

"Japanese smartphones explosively spread from 2010" - NTT Docomo Yamashita - Android Bazaar and Conference ...: ITpro(Appeal to strengthen mobile, models with Android installed)

Nearly half of "from first grade" mobile phones, ownership progressing towards a low age? : Enterprise: RBB TODAY (Broadband information site) 2009/12/04(Mobile, 48.2% use mobile phones from elementary school first grade)

【Breaking News】 "2010 Ten Greatest Forecasts by IT Industry" by IDC: in the looop: ITmedia Alternative · Blog(Net, "Mobile devices that can access the net exceed 1 billion units" etc.)

Concert with iPhone as "instrument" - US university holds - ITmedia News(Mobile, concerts with instrument instruments made by students and professors themselves)

Eat Reco | Gourmet Magazine · Books + iPhone = Eat Reco(Free of charge that you can purchase gourmet features of apps, magazines and books separatelyIPhone application)

Increase damage of one click fraudulent charge, note on guidance from YouTube etc.: News - CNET Japan(Security, skipped to the adult site from the URL link in the contributor's comment section)

A search warrant to Yahoo and Google in "the most sexy caster" voyeurism - MSN Sankei News(Note, FBI urges you to submit a woman's naked video separate from the caster)

"Pelican flight" "Yu-pack", to annihilate by integration: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Business, postal business company effectively absorbs Nippon Express and takes over most of the distribution network and information system of Pelican mail)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Insurance premium of National Health Insurance premium, raising maximum 40,000 yen Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, to reform cabinet order - Society(Memo, the largest increase in the past as well as fiscal 1993)

Business Media Makoto: The people working at small and medium-sized enterprises in Osaka are also harsh ... ... 27 thousand 3685 winter(43.8% of businesses do not "pay bonus" in the survey of Osaka Shinkin Bank)

Breaking news / Number of overseas travelers during the year-end and New Year holidays decreased by 4.1% from the previous year JTB forecast - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Travel, fuel surcharges decreased, but the impact of recession is strong)

World heritage is released on "Street View", UNESCO partnered with Google - INTERNET Watch(Internet service, shooting by tricycle where you can not enter by car)

"Shiwase from the moment of arrival", Magical box to increase sales: Nikkei Business Online(Good memories, good design of packing boxes delivered by mail order)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): picking house rent collected, after 9 pm "illegal" Fukuoka District Court - Society(Memo, judgment on the matter concerning collection of unpaid rent for one month)

Christmas gift is one in 4 people "Cash" hope - Tokyo Walker(Event, ranked No. 1 wished for men, women want second place)

CNN.co.jp: The White House's Christmas tree is open, the theme is "3R"(Event, Christmas tree decorated in the "blue space" of the White House)

Tata car 200,000 yen "Nano" Japan's first announcement Fukuoka Motor Show - MSN Sankei News(There are reasons that only cars, door mirrors are cheap such as no air conditioner on one side only)

Larvae Pheromones Pheromones "Sisters" Short-Lived: Bee's Society | WIRED VISION(It seems that lifespan will change only by sniffing creatures)

Kewpie Exhibition: original drawings 100 years ago, original gypsum prototype released in Japan 400 points from 10 Matsuya Ginza (Mittan Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Memo, "Kewpie" and "Kujeon" which made the character and Kewpie coalesce also appeared)

Talk about thinking that Nobita actually has quite a fresh start-up skill - Nakagiri Kazusa not reading the air(Manga, the point of testing is bad but the idea power is amazing enough to admire Doraemon)

At the very end of Itagaki Shinbatari! The 147th Bishoujo and Scenario(Anime, the next work directed by Nobu Itagaki is the first beautiful girl thing)

----- - - - -: Hamster breaking news(ASCII art, a lot of unpleasant ASCII art occurs only by changing the part of eyes)

Everyday the game Yuji: Is it legal for Majikon? Nintendo indeed defeated in Spain's Majikon case - ITmedia Gamez(The game seems to be the reason that "legitimate usage can also be done")

Reason why the game writer observes the supermarket. - It can not be an article by Hiroyuki Tashita.(Note, there is an idea obtained from everyday landscape)

Clear the voices of the residents as a game style ... Democratic Party · Okuda Ward Party began "NAKANO QUEST" | Inside(Politics, "NAKANO QUESTLawmakers who will solve problems raised by residents of Nakano Ward)

Governor Hashimoto Furious "Kobe city is really bad" Call for protesters from the city office manager - MSN Sankei News(Politics, protest calls can be spoken from the head of the airport manager due to relocation of Futenma Air Station)

Mr. Hashimoto Governor Kobe City Furiously said "I will not protest" - MSN Sankei News(Politics says that they do not use words such as "Tomohonoka" and "Strictly protest")

Tenkai: 125 people, 338 corporate 422 post survey Ministry of Internal Affairs - daily jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Politics, Haraguchi Ministerial Affairs Minister stated that "I think that the survey is not enough," there is a possibility that more than 125 people can be found out)

Why Chinese civil servant "40% or more is metabolic": Nikkei Business Online(Note, as a result of medical examination results of officials who lead the workplace, abnormal rate is 98.5%)

Let's know "a place to catch a cold" (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Gadget, "portable cold indicator" that will judge the easiness of cold when you press a button)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Deflation is coming back ... But beef bowl sells cheap luncheon - Eating out competes - Society(Food, price competition is intense, so you can eat variations with buying beef bowl)

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