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"Boogie Pop does not laugh"Or"Toaru Magical IndexDengeki paperbacks of labels issuing light novels such as "in the book released in NovemberProduction volume exceeded 100 millionIt is said to be. As a commemoration of over 100 million books since February 2010I will give you all the Dengeki Bunko for 1 yearWe are doing campaigns such as, so if you like the label itself please check it.

So next MondayNovember 9. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on November 9th one year ago.

FamilyMart's "W Cream Eclair" Taste Review Review by Shimada Shinsuke Praised - GIGAZINE

I tried remote control shooting with Nikon's digital SLR camera "D90" with "Camera Control Pro 2" - GIGAZINE

A movie taken around the supermarket parking lot in Hong Kong - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

The world's most "brand power" exists in the United States, Japan ranked 7th = investigation | global speech | Reuters(Business, America seems to be number one first).

Apple's Steve Jobs, "Best CEO in the past decade" - ITmedia News(The impact given to each media by business, iPod, iTunes, iPhone etc. will be evaluated)

Mixi's second quarter results for the fiscal year ended March 2010, advertising revenue will increase but operating profit will be flat: News - CNET Japan(Increase page view due to business, introduction of mixi application, etc.)

Kenko com brought back the overseas mail order exceeding the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law | inside Enterprise | Diamond Online(Business, I'd like to purchase Japanese medicines and I mainly target overseas Japanese residents)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Shimamura, a popular brand logo without permission Protective removal - Society(Fashion, sold the best with "SOUL ★ FRANKY" patch attached)

Reuse PC for teachers and staff at free OS and send blog progress Osaka · Minoh City - MSN Sankei news(Recycle, a blog that recorded how to introduce Linux to 500 second-hand PCs and build a systemHere)

Photo Report: MS's New Data Center - Near the Inside of a Great Facility: News - CNET Japan(Company, pictures of hordes of computers looking like dazzling)

700 series is going down! Visit "Police check" at dream vehicle base: Nikkei business online(Here is the secret of the train accident where railway, passengers are dead and wounded for 45 years on the Shinkansen of the JR Tokai)

Twitter now, Twitter office images(There are many stylish rooms that are not like work, workplace)

I do not want to tell you about Yahoo! Inbreaking countermeasures 3 measures such as three consecutive events (Overseas & amp; domestic SEO information) | Web personnel Forum(Net, info cubic · Japan's SEO technical team murmured on Twitter etc.)

"Windows 7" is Virus Resistant: Tested with 10 Types | WIRED VISION(Software, verify operation by letting 10 latest malware intrude)

Extreme functions! Stick to the texture! IPhone vs. Diary - L-Cruise - Nikkei Trendy Net(Gadget, iPhone application and introduction of various notebooks)

Home Appliances Mini Review - IKEA "CALYPSO" - Home Appliances Watch(Ceiling light made up of home appliances, three light bulbs)

The price of Prius was thus decided: Nikkei Business Online(Interview with the manager responsible for car, Prius)

Yoshimoto Shin Kong Comedy fee 50 yen Performance next month at a high school in Nagano prefecture - MSN Sankei News(Performed at Matsumoto Matsunan High School of a private girls high school chosen from memos and public offerings)

【What is the problem now?】 School rape No one reported (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(Note, there were more than ten witnesses in the incident scene, but the police were not called)

SANYO, Limited model of "eneloop" cumulative shipment achievement of 100 million - Preparing colorful eight colors | Home Appliances | My Combi Journal(Home appliance, estimated color price with 8 color set is around 2,500 yen)

Gourmundies, "Dragon Ball" headphones released - AV Watch(2 kinds of designs that treated AV, orange and blue style and Dragon ball)

Sofa designed from 'comfortable brain wave' | WIRED VISION(Furniture, design that made the shape of brain wave rather than sofa that stabilizes the brain wave)

【Column】 Guide to Nico Nico Douga (29) I am agonized with too much destructive power! Everybody loves "Nokobuko Movie" feature | Netscape | My Computer Journal(Movie, a movie that feels the cat's loveliness)

Violently Warota w and PV of a certain science magazine's song(Anime,Surprising personHas appeared in PV)

Even though mobile phone novels can not be ignored - japan.internet.com Daily Research(Literature, people who are reading book-edited mobile novels surprisingly many)

Futaba Shrine Co., Ltd. | Comic Town For everyone(manga,The author died"Crayon Shinchan" 's manuscript has been found so the series will be extended)

Ghost in the Shell S. A. It's collaborating with C! : Anime × Manga Cube っ!(Manga, "Weekly Young Magazine" and "Monthly Young Magazine" Manga Version "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX" Starts Series)

The famous "That Mouse" in the world drawn by Japanese famous cartoonists: Platy Carpa(Manga, a picture of a mouse characterized by large round ears and red clothes)

God speed ('· ω ·) VIP: Ryotsu' What do you mean! Can you just give me 20 million yen by crossing a steel frame !? '(Note, if both of them are the hero, specs are too high and tension disappears)

Software which counteracted magicone and its effect - a longlow diary(Even if you are taking measures, you will break through immediately)

4Gamer.net - Announced that Square Enix, PC version "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2" will be released on December 23 (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)(Game, you can spend Christmas Eve with war)

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Parents and "Game is one hour a day!" Promising, if you sanctioned when you inadvertently hurt a promise ... - livedoor Blog (blog)(There are quite a lot of people who have destroyed the main body due to excessive game and game)

Objects still unknown Name Working MonoNews: Life VIP craftsman blog www(There are things I've heard somewhere, such as notes, "closures" and "dakar" but something that I can not remember what it was)

How to dispute when I was stupid about type B | nanapi [Nanapi](Memo, arguing the name of celebrities who are cool and type I, paraphrasing paraphrasingly to make character judgment better)

About the idea of ​​"payment of meals = what men pay" (Ekini Renai Research Institute) | Excite News(Some people judge the relationship with the partner in correspondence at the time of accounting)

Snow crab stallion, as a first day 'fairytale': society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I feel like a crab season when it gets colder)

Window Forever - 【Today's favorite】 Make a crab-patterned wallpaper image "Tsukigani" v 1.04(Software, for people who want to taste the crab feeling quickly)

Industry / Mac, Moss Nostalgic taste is popular "Reprint" Burger business machine also becoming full-scale - FujiSankei Business i./Bloomberg GLOBAL FINANCE(Campaign to resell barger who won first place in meal, popularity vote)

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