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From April 6 today, Bungei Spring and Autumn Sports magazine "Number" is on demand printSPEED GIFTIn collaboration,Service to make shell cover and mug for iPhone with Number's Cover style designHas been started. Because you can enjoy the feeling of the star player easily by just uploading the photo, it may be just right for the prize of the little league and the golf competition etc.

So, tomorrowApril 7. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on April 7th one year ago.

Spray that night runs "6 times longer lasting", expected to be released within 2 years - GIGAZINE

I bought a FamilyMart 's lucky bag that Wii might hit - GIGAZINE

Fossils of extinct ancient creatures are put on auction in large quantities - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Woods appeared for the first time in 5 months Round / Golf / Daily Sports online(Sports, growing a beard in addition to sunglasses that have rarely been used, renewing the image)

Documentation Untitled Document Untitled Document Untitled Document(Story, Gestalt collapsed,TanasinnWorld)

【Breaking News】 Spring gets sexually harassed by Winter General │ News 2(It was awesome when a character series personifying the weather forecast that appears in the weather, NHK news is noticed)

VIPPER ME: Things that only the guy who is running does not understand(There are quite a lot of reference which is helpful for exercise and running)

Scrap in Evernote? Life hack psychology(Memo, the first step to be released from paper)

I tried to make lunch oil to eat 【Momorra】 by knoock [Cook pad] Easy delicious everyone's recipes 730,000 items(Recipe for self-making rice oil with food, that narcotic taste)

Breast's summary of a catch phrase to welcome freshmen - About the University Library Brest(Hints for Successful New Year Event in Society, Entrance Ceremony Season)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): U.S Department of Transportation to Toyota pays fines of over 1.5 billion pedal problem - business · economy(The maximum for the penalties for car manufacturers by international and ministries is the largest ever)

CiNii - Breast Vibration Characteristics During Exercise During Bra Wear and Non-Wearing(Boobs, announced in February "70% of women who are not wearing a danger that their tits will hang if they do not wear a sports bra at the time of exercise, the relationship between bust shaking and breast pelvicIt is another way)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Anime · Game boosted overseas by public and private funds Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - Business · Economics(Establish anime, "Overseas Expansion Fund" within the year and build distribution channels by purchasing program frames of overseas broadcasting stations)

Corps dead body of 100 pets in the forest, dealer illegal dumping: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Animals seem to have thrown dead bodies in garbage bags off the road)

Mysterious game machine image various things: Munugu blog(Game hard, something like Nintendo 3DS)

Solar eggs bidding for the first time in 200,000 yen this year - news in the prefecture - miyanichi e press(As for the price of meals and mango, "2 golf balls (1 kilogram) in line with the highest ever" "souvenir price" of 200,000 yen)

Stalker suspects for men under 23 years old, 63 years old female arrest: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I sent an e-mail that sent criminal content, obscene words or content hurting male honor to a computer used in my workplace 10 times or pushed it to my workplace)

Two mobile Linux integration, Moblin and Nokia's Maemo to MeeGo - Linux report: ITpro(In addition to OS, mobile phones, smart phones, netbooks, we aim to apply it to a wide range of products, specifically Internet compatible TVs, car information systems etc.)

CSR company ranking 2010 edition - Companies required for society are Panasonic 1st, Toyota Motor (1) | Business Practice | Oriental Economy of Investment · Economy · Business Online(We believe that compatibility between society, "financial strength" and "corporate social responsibility" is a prerequisite for "companies required for society")

5 Choice to Understand "School" - Time Out Tokyo(Introduction of facilities using schools such as "3331 Arts Chiyoda", "Tokyo Toy Art Museum", etc., where the "Setagaya Ward Monodzukuri School" and "Extreme" were held)

Select a hotel on the business trip as "bonus"! "With QUO card" "E-mobile loan" ... - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Business, due to the economic downturn "narrow cheap" is the mainstream of business hotels, plans with quo cards are popular with businessmen with business expense)

Reason for high retention rate of "outdoor fitness" | Trend Excavation Corps(Business, comfort and enjoyment exercising outdoors such as yoga at the beach, canoeing and surfing lead to low withdrawal rate)

US President Beginning Ball at the MLB Opening Ceremony, Pitching "External Reincarnation" | Speech of the World | Reuters(Sports, president is southpaw)

IPhone application "Love Plus i" distribution start - "Plus her" in every scene - Akiba Keizai Shimbun(Mobile, "AR camera" function that can take pictures with "her" etc.)

Get sauce ante immediately - What about antidepressants when you drink?(There are various disadvantages of health and side effects)

I caught on "C" of visual acuity examination I was concerned about before (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Health, there was no oblique cut that had been in the past for the current visual acuity test)

Fines 600 million yen for illegal logging Amazon Rainforest - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)(2234 hectares that the environment, the logging area is equivalent to about twice the total area of ​​Narita Airport)

Chasataka 2 blog ch: Which mouse do you guys use? - livedoor Blog (blog)(I want the lineup of hardware and trackball to be improved more)

Is Kimura Takuya really a viewing rate King? | TuiTui(Broadcasting, the average audience rating difference with Shingo Katori 2nd place is overwhelming by 7% difference)

Celebrities with beautiful images in the stomach (Excite Bit Connecta) | Excite News(Memo, "refreshing" = "Is" inside your stomach is clean? ")

HORI - HD LCD monitor 3(By using hardware, PS3 and torne, you can enjoy watching, recording and games without TV)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): pirated game, damages of several trillion yen scale Majikon circulation seriousness - business · economy (1/2 pages)(The number of illegal downloads by game, country by number in Italy, Spain, France in that order, the number of DS software sales in Europe decreased by 45% from the previous year)

No matter how many shochu drinks it is free! Sneak into topic 'Izakaya Revolution' (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Food, wheat · potato · shochu of rice is provided free of charge, free of ice · water · hot water, carbonated etc separately charge)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: see flowers not seen in cherry-blossom viewing(Story, spring flowers that are hiding behind the cherry blossoms and blooming)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): arresting power arrested for mandarin oranges planted in primary school playground Suspected interruption of business(Only society, registration of land belongs to the father of a man, it was already bought by the city, but it continued to tax the property tax until March last year)

Skymark: The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport recommended improvement ... lack of English skill of flight attendants - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Society, situations that do not keep communication between the captain and the attendant even with problems before English ability)

Female must-see! How to cure irritability before menstruation | nanapi [Nanapi](Note, irritation before female physiology is quite serious, disease name is also properly)

Hiroki Takagi @ Diary of Home - Nikkei Newspaper Greasemonkey script that fulfills the desire of electronic version(Even when you move to an individual article in the script, the Nikkei newspaper electronic version, the address bar will always remain at the top)

Hiroyuki Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, said the bomb remark "Do you want to stop burning FF already?": Hachimama(Hiroyuki Sakaguchi, the creator of the game, FF, "Why should I stop bothering FF again?" "But I want to go with a stupid garment, although it may be an old generation, but it is a stupid thing.")

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