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The latest version of the movie versionIt was a mobilization of 1 million people in 3 daysJust like 'ONE PIECE One Piece', 'BLEACH' serialized for Weekly Shonen Jump. It was announced that the fourth edition of the movie version will be released in the winter of 2010. "In the winter of 2001, Ichigo is fully embraced by the big screen! Is it?"It is written that Ichigo that was fully embraced appears.Slow development of the originalAlthough this work is often taken up, it seems that the fan's attention development will continue, such as there will be the third broadcast of the theater version at 8 o'clock on New Year's Eve.

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Court dismissed divorce between 8 year old girl and 58-year old man - GIGAZINE

Christmas seems to be the master of the street trick art master - GIGAZINE

Ten questions to avoid listening to twins - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

Holiday standardization started, model business from next year - MSN Sankei News(Work, measures that seem to be difficult to continue in Japan)

IT acquisition in 2009, Top 30 (1st is Sun's acquisition of Oracle)(Business, Panasonic which bought Sanyo Electric is the third place)

Overwrite the file with "image of seafood", note to "Takoika virus" - News: ITpro(Security, a virus that fakes into a video file with the extension "mp4")

A movie hope business horror masterpiece "Seven Eleven's Trap" - Seaton secular material record(Business, Rupo review of Seven Eleven who collects high royalty)

Alcohol is commonplace for convenience stores ... Selling rate nearly 100% - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)(Business, restriction on new entry of alcoholic beverage has been eliminated and it is sold at convenience stores 96 ~ 98%)

Convenience store sales in November decreased by 6.3% for 6 consecutive months minus - MSN Sankei News(Business, number of customers visiting and average customer price continue minus)

DVD rental also vending machines! Japan NCR, DVD auto rental machine launched | Management | My Communication Journal(Note, already introducing more than 2,500 units in the US)

Telecom related complaints and counseling decreases 10% of the previous year - Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications summary: News - CNET Japan(Society, Top of Consultation Contents "Providing Conditions, Contract / Canceling Trouble Relationship")

[Note] About the use of year-end and new year | au notice | au by KDDI(The user who misunderstands transmission "I could not transmit (110)" to inform the sending error of mobile and mail and calls 110)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): A reddot of speed breach, misdirected to 20 people Saga prefectural police apologize - Society(Note, this year is not the first time, but a multiple year mistake)

Mostly less than monthly income less than 1000 yen, advanced users expect "travel" - affiliate consciousness survey | net |(The dissatisfaction point to the net, affiliate is "Top income does not grow as you think" top)

Difference in CD release between Western and Japanese music (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(In music, western music, from single to album, more people send single from album)

Why can not I put the printer vertically? (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Hardware, there is a problem that comes out if you do not vertically)

IPhone user growth rate, Japan tops over 300% - AdMob survey - ITmedia enterprise(Hardware, half of users are in the US and Japan is 4%)

Yusuke Furuta Akiba Pick Up! : It seems that luxury grease is on sale at "winter bow" (1/4) - ITmedia + D PC USER(PC, bonus special demand and Windows 7 is also short)

Window Forest - 【NEWS】 "Connectify" to convert Win7-equipped PC to Wireless LAN Access Point / Router to the official version(It is good for people who have multiple mobile devices because it can also be used on a notebook PC)

Ghibli, the theme song of the latest work released in the summer of 2010 is distributed start news - ORICON STYLE-(Anime, "Borrower Arrietty" ringtone starts delivery)

President of Venezuela announces renamed the fall of the world's best waterfall | Global speech | Reuters(Overseas, change from Angel Fall to indigenous people's name)

One piece: series 56 volumes all within 200th Oricon book ranking (Mantan web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Manga, movie releases also raised sales other than latest publication)

Dragon Quest 9 wins 4.15 million books as early as the series - MSN Sankei News(Game, breaking the highest record in 5 months release)

"150 kilometer" pitchers jumped sharply in amateurs? Young pitchers suffering from fast ball fantasy. (1/2) [Baseball Yoshiya] - Professional Baseball Column - Number Web - Number(Sports, the ball speed is measured several kilometers faster with the speed gun of the stadium)

The drama "JIN - Jin -" that the audience is not convinced about this year's highest continuous drama audience rating | Back art(TV, it implicitly ends the way to smell the sequel)

Wikipedia on "M-1" Wikipedia "Birdman" edit battle, illustrations one after another in pixiv - ITmedia News(Comedy, Hitoshi Matsumoto during the program has a remark "Wikipedia Search", there was a suddenly made but it is deleted)

"M-1" audience rating, over 30% in Kansai area - entertainment - SANSPO.COM(Comedy, there is too much difference in audience rating between Kanto and Kansai)

【M-1 victory interview】 New champions Punk Boo Boo & Shinsuke unsolicited news - new jobs · dispatch · career's Oricon rankings(Comedy, the salary which is a monthly average of 13 to 140 thousand will be 1.8 times)

God speed ('· ω ·) VIP: M1 victory' Punk Boo Boo ', Awkward bad name for AUTOBACS too w(Comedy, compatibility of names with car relations may be bad)

Ikimi Ai's T back also broadcast NHK, OGAWA Nao Oikawa appointed! - Men's sauce(I was surprised to think that entertainment is regular but it was a cast as a guest)

Anyway pretty cute elementary school fifth grader! Adults too Melody!? "Cookin idol · Mai" Interview with Fukuhara Haruka chan | Trend news |(An interview with the hero of a cooking program with memo, animation part and live-action part)

How to propose without an engagement ring | nanapi [ナ ナ ピ](Memo, accessories and ring-shaped miscellaneous goods that are likely to be a substitute for rings)

DoCoMo Launches "Photo Panel 02" for Digital Photo Frame for Communication - Mobile Phone Watch(Mobile, why does not applying 'E-mail using houdai' plan)

The feeling of hopelessness when learning kanji "days" work abnormally Mono news: life VIP craftsman blog www(Language, many strokes and wrong Kanji)

Ten reasons God can not be a professor of any university reading monkey Classic: between / beyond readers(There may be schools, fareaway principles)

⌒ ✿ ⊃. Д ж) ☺ Kaji Speed ​​≡ ≡ ≡ ∈ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Full Auto | Why are you filled with wagons?(Notes, various photos ranging from collections full of collections to rooms organized)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Kobe hotel, full of vacant holiday night suite by deflation - Kansai Housing news news(Memo, room about 45,000 yen to 230,000 yen per room)

SHAK @ IJIN - diagonal dust - :: I ate 10 shops in Tokyo to eat it 2009! It is!(Comparative review of food, seasonal taiyaki that is also a winter season word)

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