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If there is a periodontal pocket, the risk of developing the metabolic syndrome will be greatly enhanced, as the Lion Dental Hygiene Research Institute announced todayThe relationship between periodontal disease and metabolic syndromeIt became clear by.

According to a follow-up survey of the screening results after 4 years for those whose metabolic syndrome index (obesity, blood pressure, lipid, blood glucose level) was all diagnosed as being within the reference value at the initial examination, it was diagnosed as having a periodontal pocket at the initial examination The percentage that the metabolic syndrome index became positive by a person was significantly higher. It seems necessary to pay attention to oral care such as toothpaste to maintain health.

So, tomorrowOctober 8. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on October 8th one year ago.

Movie capturing the launch scene of Apollo 11 in slow motion - GIGAZINE

I have eaten "Guillotine fried rice [God]" with 100 hot peppers that can not be made without wearing a dustproof mask & goggle with a real deal - GIGAZINE

Mannan Life decides to stop production of jelly "Konnyaku" jelly with production restarted undecided - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Typhoon No. 18: Landing on west Japan on August 8 ... Maintain strong forces - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Weather, if it landed, since Typhoon 9 in September 2007, the forces landed on the Izu peninsula and seven people died) Typhoon No. 22 in 2004)

The Disney World Contaminated by Darkness Premiere Details of the Stage "Epic Mickey" - Game * Spark(Game, the forgotten hero of Disney "Oshuwarudo of happiness rabbit" challenges Mickey revenge)

"Ninnamama" character is popular among women, a pilgrim boom to sacred ground and Amagasaki - ITmedia News(There is a great possibility that it leads to the revitalization of Amagasaki, which is said to have few comics and sightseeing spots)

Voice actor in charge of voices such as Mario and Luigi, Charles Martinee: Hirororo(The real face of the voice actor of Mario who remains impressive, such as game "Hiawigo")

Recent number of playback seems to exceed 200,000 playback per hour - An Empty Box >> pikayan's Diary(It will be calculated net being played 55 times per second)

"Call of Duty" finally made a movie! Is it? Activision newly trademark registration - Game * Spark(I'd like to pray that it is not a sad story that I just kept my name ...)

Marine self-replenishment activity in the Indian Ocean A big stagger disorder within the Cabinet - MSN Sankei News(It is difficult to withdraw as long as military, "withdrawing" has been posted as a promissory election)

Current affairs dot com: Iraq airlift, all data disclosure = after the change of government, turning from "black paint" - Ministry of Defense(Military, if it was better to keep it secret for the safety of the Self-Defense Forces being dispatched)

Shizuka Kamei: Conducted a press conference for reporters club non-member companies - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Reporting, the harm of reporters clubs can not be felt unless reporters clubs are lost)

7 ways to save the dying Postal Service | USA | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site(We should promote modernization of management such as improving society, services, entering the net)

Retransmission: Amazon releases e-book terminal "Kindle" in over 100 countries | Technology News | Reuters(Economy, Amazon will be the scale that develops in the global market surpasses competitors including Sony)

Destruction of the publishing world God or Creator? The identity of on-demand book binding on which Google witnessed | Destructors of business model | Diamond Online(Service to print / bind while net, the digital data of Google's intrigued books is overwritten)

"Redemption" of repurchase agreement - Copy & Copyright Diary(It is considered to lend to the real 480 yen to add a rider that sells at 7980 yen and buys back at 7500 yen)

News - Science & Space - The Igu Nobel Prize in 2009 (Full Article) - National Geographic Official Japanese Site(Science, research that seems to be a joke even though advanced contents are advanced is gathering together)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Nobel laureate physics award for three US in optical fiber and CCD research - Science(The achievement that became the cornerstone of science, high-speed Internet and digital camera's current infrastructure supporting current nets is immeasurable)

To people who are suffering from Digi-Ichi and Condeji(Camera, size and weight are important factors to suppress camera shake)

Kramer's magical story taught: Ham speed(Society, visitor sales tend to accept even unreasonable demands)

Do you know "2 news bulletin board" of 2 chan? : 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Introduction of news bulletin board with anything from discussion about net, news to "festival")

Drinking · Debt ... The Yokohama Municipal Board of Education to Survey the Living Conditions of All Teachers: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Policy to set items such as gambling, debts, troubles etc. that could result in education, scandal buds)

253 Gross profit for national universities - akamac book review(Education, a place where the attached hospital is strong can read like giving a lot of profits)

"What is a human being" Kyoto University's Primate Research Symposium Report (front) - hands on underground people(Science, human nature comes to see by studying primates close to humans)

Long-term review Panasonic "Raw garbage recycler MS-N53" Part 1 - Home appliances Watch(It can be reduced to about 1/10 by decomposing environment, garbage)

Business Media Makoto: How are the shoes recovered in department store trade-in sale? (1/2)(Society, it is incinerated after all, but from the viewpoint of ecology it is more efficient than being discarded individually)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): JR East aims to become the world's first battery-powered train plan 100 kilometers per hour - Business and economy(It is said that it is possible to travel for about 50 kilometers with a charge of about 25 minutes if it is a railroad and plains)

Hachiroku revives! Small FR sports car, "Toyota FT - 86 concept" 【Tokyo Motor Show 09】(Car, how much does the name "Hachiroku" appeal)

Window Forever - 【REVIEW】 Computer lock software "Quark" to reproduce the cyber PC screen seen in movies(Software, rock software that looks like a hacker anyhow)

Which version of .NET is the most useful in reality? - @ IT(The program, .NET 2.0 is the best at the moment, but as soon as the OS version is new, the trend will also change)

85% of Mac owned households have Windows PCs - US NPD survey - ITmedia enterprise(It seems that IT, Mac owned households have high possession rates of other electronic equipments)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Prison lunch, savory taste of "inside the fence" is 370 yen - society(Food, "Patty meal" has become a story of the past)

Furious effect! Chang-chan pot (brother of Chanchan): godmother's recipe diary(Food, baked salmon and stir-fried vegetables with miso, Ajisama, Hokku noodaki cooked at a stroke with sake)

Islamic food menu for Kyoto University students menu - MSN Sankei News(Culture, permanently install Islamic food to strengthen support for foreign students from Islamic area)

Tokyo Newspaper: Training Matsutake Fortunately devastated mountain, pine wilt ... "Pine forest maintenance": Society (TOKYO Web)(It seems that there is no shortcut beyond the maintenance of red pine forests over food, artificial cultivation is impossible)

Beautiful spagheres who can not concentrate on the table if they strike together all night. Old man, you are ...(Photo, somehow there was an image of the world of men, but women seem to be many)

Real sports - Ultimate Akira reveals the ninth year 's decision LOL - Tanaka The truth of divorce(Entertainment, Mrs. argues that being inclined to jogging is the cause of divorce)

Yamaha, memory 1GB exercise player "BODiBEAT" new product - AV Watch(Hardware, "Free workout mode" for automatically playing and playing songs according to the user's running / walking pace)

Hey, did you try using it yourself? : DESIGN IT! W / LOVE(I think that there are a lot of products that do not take usability into consideration whether design is focusing on unexpected or whether the life cycle of the product is short)

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