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For three days from October 10 (Saturday) to 12th (Monday), in Tokushima City "Mount Biei Mountain Autumn Festa × MachiasobiEvent will be held. This is hosted by Tokushima City and Tokushima City Tourist Association, and it is a big event involving the Shimachi Boardwalk and the Tokushima Station area, especially around Bizan (Bizen) in Tokushima city.

In cooperation with animation companies etc., at the Bizan Ropeway voice announcement voice by voice actor / singer Masaya Sakamoto is flowed, a talk live of Tokushima Aya voice actor Aiko Toyosaki was held, with a special stage on the mountain top, A free screening of the movie "Sky Border" or "Senkororu" was performed, public radio recordings were done, pain cars gathered, cosplay vent, local hero protecting Tokushima "Azure dragon Maver "and" Eddy Warrior Eddie "for the first time and fighting together, it is showing a fulfilling fullness that I can not imagine as a very local event.

From the Kinki area to Tokushima, if you use the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge / Oarunomonbashi it will be easy to move around from the expressway for about 2 hours and from the Okayama / Hiroshima area using the Seto Ohashi bridge, so anyone who is interested Please check it out.

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A way to decipher the WEP of the wireless LAN in the blink of an eye finally appears, and the schedule program will be released soon - GIGAZINE

A movie in which a man whose ticket has been torn off due to speed fails to get back to the policeman at all - GIGAZINE

We won all menus at "Line Barrel Cafe" and became a factor of Makina - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Well done!(Anime, scheduled to be broadcast at AT-X and others from January 2010)

TV anime "Nodame Cantabile Finale" Official Site(Animation "Nodame Cantabile" is complete in January 2010 as well as animation and movies)

Popular zebra, in fact coloring Rover Gaza zoo - MSN Sankei News(Exhibit painted with black stripes on white asses because real zebra is not available)

I do not know the purpose of use AA(Story, general versatility is certainly low, but only quality is uselessly high)

Dating plan after meal 9 patterns | Sugoren(Love, there are many patterns to talk about something leisurely)

Characteristic of "women of magical" 11 patterns | Otome Gorengren(Renaissance, items that seem to be a cool guy is also a thriller)

The law of the house where cockroaches do not occur - [Selection of livable city selection (metropolitan area)] All About(Life, it is more important to make sure you do not get close to it before hitting)

Points when women choose digital cameras - [digital items for women] All About(Notes, points unique to women, etc.)

Qualifications that may be useful for marriage (men) - [qualifications] All About(Qualification, where "may be" is important)

Reason why your romance will not last long - [Yuusuke Shimajima](Pattern which makes love, feeling as "heavy" too exhausted)

Collaboration of Hello Kitty × traditional handicrafts, the craftsmanship shines gleamingly! - Tokyo Walker(Note, luxury lineup including Takasaki Daruma and Kutaniyaki, Satsuma Kiko, Arita yaki, Yuzen Japanese paper etc.)

A new kind of rice ball "Nicknamed Roll" (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Unlike meals, ordinary meat curd onigiri rice, cooked rice is put in it)

Everyday YOUGI: Topics on Pachi Mono Hard "PXP-2000" in China is overly similar to PSP go - ITmedia Gamez(Sony seems to be sued by the game, this looks the same)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Hokuriku Shinkansen, construction approved for opening in Kanazawa in FY2002 - Diplomatic representation - Politics(We plan to proceed with construction so that railway, Nagano - Kanazawa can be opened in FY 2014)

Koala: It's hard ... Eucalyptus carrier of bait is closed Tama Animal Park - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Animals, Hitachi Airlines Hachijojima Sales Division has been in the position to deliver to Tama Zoo by the day after harvesting eucalyptus, but it will take 3 days to arrive if you change to an alternative supplier)

This time Siren is an adventure on the south island! DS "Siren of the Wonderland Dungeon Kaze no Shiren 4 God's Eye and the Devil's Heso" This winter release! | Inside(Game, new attack method "technique" can be used)

Choose water bottles you want children to have, choose with safety and ease of use - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Memo, points are "hygiene side" "drinking mouth" "durability" "portability" 4)

"Rough" style of rapidly rising popularity. What is the difference with "forest girl"? - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Fashion, "Yufuwa" style incorporates color coordination such as tightening with a dark tint)

OKKAYU: "128 8 bit version also appeared" Windows 8 "" Windows 9 "- ITmedia News(Software, "Windows 7 is the last 32-bit Windows, Windows 8 is completely 64-bit it is also viewed as a view)

Toshiba is the No. 1 Netsoft share in Netbook share first - ITmedia News(Note, sales of Toshiba "PAUX23JNL" are good, sales of ASUS and Acer slowed down)

Preinstalled Office: Microsoft announces the simplified version Office "Office Starter 2010" - ITmedia News(Software, advertisement is displayed and it is free)

Apple Releases "iPhone OS 3.1.2" Update: News - CNET Japan(Mobile, fixed 3 important bugs with low occurrence frequency)

Windows 7 "Buy" is 60%, but the timing is "undecided" - Kakaku.com survey: Marketing - CNET Japan(Software, you can see that many people are lost when switching)

Now in Yubari ~ A terrible story I heard in Hokkaido JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Regions, those who are likely to fall into livelihood protection in municipalities that are in financial difficulties near Sapporo are encouraged to "move to Sapporo while there is money to move")

Business Media Makoto: Dramatic 3 hours SHOW: "Saki - Saki-" "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" Koji Taguchi Producer talks about how to make profitable animation (1/6)(Anime, publishing business of animation is surprisingly easy compared with game)

Even Tinpiri is a tepid story at TBS! The truth of the Tokyo 03 killing incident is: Saiseaueman(The reason that entertainment, Shinsuke got angry was not being greeted enough to the big celebrities)

Former · light GENJI Akira Akasaka who was suspended executing opened a karaoke bar in Kabukicho! - daily Saizo(Entertainment, among the staff is a former junior man also thriller)

Psychological Test Your action deceives the surroundings!? "Witch degree" fortune-telling - psychological tests nature of nature - Yorukoyoruta(Psychological test, no matter what you choose, eventually a witch)

Beauty girls hit each other with pillow on futon !! What is Girls Ground Wrestling? [With images] | Trend news | Deliver daily information on topics and topics!(Memo, the new wind blows at the cold idle event)

World university ranking 2009 announcement, Tokyo University ranked 22nd | YUCASEE MEDIA (Yukashimedia) | Comprehensive information site stimulating superlatives(Memo, No. 1 in the Asian region)

MS, October monthly patches total 13. It also supports SMB and IIS vulnerabilities - INTERNET Watch(Software, "emergency" 8 cases, "important" 5 cases)

Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I feel like I'm on the fashion abroad)

Major League: Yankees, New Baseball Field Will Won the Series in the Year - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Baseball and Matsui also contributed to homeruns)

On Thursday morning death on 8th day, breathing difficulty - 47NEWS (Yoana News)(Memo, medicine in question is a combination of seven tablets called "hospital diet")

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Contact Sho Aikawa's car, aiko's car Tokyo · Meguro - Society(Accident, both are injured)

V.A. (Japanese music): こ こ, what is this? Brilliant jacket of "I tried to sing the god song" / BARKS news(Music, CD jacket with quite impact)

Deer's corner(Event, an event that cuts the corner of deer in Nara Park)

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