In the world, the mask "INFLU" for collecting viruses and taking influenza

Speaking of masks, it is usual to prevent colds by keeping humidity around the mouth and nose, preventing people from invading the virus, or to prevent people infected with infectious diseases from spreading viruses around them, The world's first mask aiming to intensively inhale pathogens including H1N1 virus and positively infect with influenza and cold has appeared.

Details are as below.INFLU (INFLU)

Its name also calls "INFLU", "In" and "Flu (abbreviation for influenza / influenza)" and "influenza". It is a battery type micro fan built into the suction valve, it is possible to increase the inhalation amount of the virus from the surrounding air and to raise the infection risk to several hundred percent of usual.

I wear it like this. Take air from the front valve and exhaust from the bottom. When removing the mask, measure the heat and check if it has successfully caught a cold.

It is effective when wearing at commuting or while attending school.

It is from the side.

This "INFLU" mask is a Swedish designer / engineerErik SjödinMr. and SwedenKonstfackA Swiss graduate student majoring in indoor architecture and furniture designMichel BussienIn the project by Mr., "It is a concept that the plan is to catch a cold, make antibodies of influenza in a natural way, increase immunity".

In addition, it is not recommended to wear people 65 years of age or older, children under 5 years of age, or those who are pregnant or have a medical condition.

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