"Railroad therapy" which cures diseases by lying on the rail with a train running away

A private therapy called "Railway Therapy" (railway therapy) which treats the disease by sleeping on the track is practiced in Indonesia. In IndonesiaThere is a clinic that treats diseases such as cancer by sidestream smoke of "God's cigarette"It is not surprising that even if such private therapy is widespread, it is a matter of concern what kind of treatment it is.

Railway Therapy Practiced in Indonesia ~ Damn Cool Pictures

Here is a village named Rawa Buaya in Indonesia. People are lying on the railroad track as if they were lying on the beach.

A train that passes by itself.

A lot of people lie on the railroad track from infancy to old people regardless of age and sex. They are said to believe that the electricity carried by the railway will help treat the disease.

If you look closely, you are laying cloth on the part touching the railroad track. Is not the railway exposed to direct sunlight a considerable heat?

I'm chilling my feet with water.

There was a woman sipping a parasol.

An elderly woman who throws her whole body.

It looks like it functions as a kind of place for relaxation.

Impression that gaze is gathering to one side whether it is worrisome as the train still runs.

I just pray that no one will accidentally get hit by the train.

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