There is a possibility to present a new theory "There were two moons" in the formation of the moon

Origin of the moonIt is thought that a part of both celestial bodies scattered due to the collision of Mars' large celestial body "Tear" to the primitive Earth accumulated on the orbit around the earth(Giant Impact Theory). After this collision, the substance which was not absorbed by the earth and moon forms a celestial body as a so-called "another moon", and it may be said that there may be times when the earth had two months, It seems that it is understood by simulation of the formation process of the moon.

Earth used to have TWO moons ... but one was destroyed in a giant solar collision | Mail Online

In the past, it was thought that the rest of the material scattered and evaporated due to the collision of the Earth and Teia, which was not recovered on the earth and moon, went into outer space. However, in this model, these substances are 60 degrees before and after the moon orbitGravitational stability point (Lagrangian point)It is pointed out that there is a possibility that they gathered and formed another month.

This "another month" deviated from the stability point with the moon after tens of millions of years since its formation, and it was seen from the earth"Other side of the moon"It seems that a collision occurred and it seems that it became like the current moon.

Since the moon synchronizes rotation and revolution and always points the same side to the earth, the side which is not normally visible from the earth is called "the back side of the moon", but this side is the top side It is very different, the highest point of the moon (10075 m) and the lowest point of the moon (minus 9020 m) are located near the back side. In addition, the thickness of the crust has become thicker than the front side, and conventionally, this difference has been thought to have been caused by the tidal force by gravity, but this model seems to contest the theory this time.

For the explanation of the back side of the moon,JAXA's siteDetails are posted on. The picture below is a picture of the back of the moon taken by the Galileo spacecraft.

The image below is a simulation image until two moons collide and form one celestial body. Because the two celestial bodies were orbiting at almost the same orbits at the same speed, unlike the collision with the celestial bodies flying from the interstellar universe, a collision occurred at a very slow speed, and in this collision a huge Craters and evaporation are considered to have not occurred.

University of California, Santa CruzDr. Erik Asphaug said, "In our model, we can explain well that a large amount of debris in addition to the moon and the earth remained in orbit, as pointed out in the theory of giant impact." I will.

In addition, Dr. Francis Nimmo of the same school supporter of the traditional tidal force, "Although the elegant aspect of Erik's theory is that it can explain the difference between the front and back of the moon," the current data So we say that it is not enough to say that two moons certainly existed.

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