The possibility that "dark matter (dark matter)" is released from the sun nucleus increases

ByNASA Goddard Space Flight Center

A signal that is impossible in terms of physics is in EuropeEuropean Space AgencyIt seems that it has been detected for a long time at the ESA (ESA), but the possibility that this was the moment of detecting the first dark matter (dark matter) particles in history is increasing, and if this is the case, It means that dark matter has been released.

Dark matter may have been detected - streaming from the sun's core | Science | The Guardian

Dark matter is a mysterious substance that can not be seen, but it occupies 85% of the entire universe and it is an absolutely essential element to unravel the mystery related to the universe. Dark matter is a material that constitutes the universe and is an essential substance to keep order of its structure, but it was not able to detect it directly by making use of conventional physics.

Meanwhile, the research team at Leicester University is an ESA X-ray observation satelliteXMM-NewtonWe observe the strange signal that it has been observed for 15 years at the age of 15 years. That signal means that as the XMM-Newton rises, the intensity of the X-ray increases by about 10%, and when this is observed, it is formed that the limit line of the Earth's magnetic field always faces the sun It is said that it was things. About this Mr. Andy Read who is a leader of the research team at Leicester University commented that "In the universe, the strength of X rays should be the same even when detected," and commented on the recognition of the conventional space I can not explain this phenomenon in physics.

In order to elucidate the unexplained X-ray intensity increase phenomenon in the current theory, the research team focuses on substances that are "assumed" rather than traditional physics, that is, dark matter. There are also several kinds of dark matter, which are from the elementary particle theory "what is it?", From what is supposed to be, from the astrophysical point of view to what needs to be assumed existence is.

Among such dark matter, it seems likely to be able to explain the change in X-ray intensity, and it is expected to exist on quantum color mechanics.AxionThe existence of. This is considered to be a substance that changes into X-rays by colliding with a strong magnetic field, and the axion released from the sun's nucleus violently collides with the magnetic field of the earth to change to X-rays, whereby XMM-Newton makes X-rays The research team thinks that we can detect where the intensity increases. The research team also writes that in the paper "Axion, which is one of the dark matter, is generated by the sun's nucleus, and it collides with the earth's magnetic field and changes to X-rays."

Although the detected result is uncertain, it may be necessary to investigate for several years to prove the existence of dark matter, but if it is confirmed that it is a dark matter, it is called "the universe" It is no doubt that it will be a great step to deepen your understanding of the enormous mystery.

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