Huge littering gum art which intensely interferes with traffic

The chewing gum which was thrown away in the town is difficult to take due to adhesive force when attached to shoes and it is troublesome to clean it when it gets stuck in the road, but its chewing gum is huge and sticks in the town There seems to be someone making art that makes it fake.

Details are as below.
Chewing in Venice

A giant gum that is sticking to clog the way.

There are things that are placed in balloons.

It is shaped like something covered with gum.

These arts were done by Simone Decker in Venice.

If I break it, I'm going to be full-bodied.

Because it is a vivid color, it looks like a plaything.

On the official website of Simone Decker, various art works can be seen in addition to this.
Simone Decker / Works

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