A photograph of Indian enthusiastic festival "Horley" in which people gather colorful colored water

Holey is a big festival counted as one of the three major Hindu festivals, an enthusiastic festival celebrating the coming of spring. It is easy to celebrate, it is a matter of multiplying extremely colored water and powder without anyone. It seems that it will be held from March to April, although the time differs little by little every year.

Details are as below.
Uncle stained green and red.

White clothes are colorfully dyed.

I was overly exposed to water and it was purple to the teeth.

Equipped with color water tank.

People who made their face red also in the office.

Of course you can also be a tourist. It looks very fun.

Other photos can be seen at the following link.

Weird indian festival (// STATiC)

Below is the movie containing the state of Horley.

Women who make powder as they can.
YouTube - holi

A colorful person in the middle of a town. Appeared around 2 minutes and 23 seconds.
YouTube - India Happy Holi(2: 23 ~)

Article on Holey's Day by Indian residents. It seems there is a place that is intense and not so.

Favorite! Is it? I hen ~: March, 2006

After all it seems that patients with skin allergies and asthma are likely to increase after the festival, if you think that it is bad for your body if you are wearing extremely colored powders and water, a doctor in the dermatologist wears "sunglasses to protect your eyes Doing or making clothes less exposed, using natural color powder as much as possible "seems to have been noted.

Play it safe - Delhi - Cities - NEWS - The Times of India

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