"Great Firewall of China" where you can check if the site is censored by the Chinese government

I took up earlier.A movie summarizing the report image of Tiananmen IncidentAs we reported in the article that China has surrounded the entire Internet connection in the country with a firewall called "Great Firewall" thoroughly censorship of the net, various search results such as Google also Information that is inconvenient to Chinese authorities is not displayed.

As a result, various sites are blocked and can not be seen, but just by entering the URL of the site that you own you can check whether your site has blocked access from China by censorship A known site "Great Firewall of China" has appeared.

And GIGAZINE is also blocked.

Details are as follows.
Great Firewall of China | Home

How to use is like this.

First, click "greatfirewallofchina.org" in the center of the screen.

Enter the URL of the site you want to check on the form and click the button on the right. This time I tried it with the URL of GIGAZINE.

The entered URL is first sent to the "Great Firewall of China" server, from where it reaches the test server in China. Then it checks whether the test server can access from China and sends the result to "Great Firewall of China".

Apparently, GIGAZINE seems to be blocked.

Again, for the protection of users' personal information, is the server of "Great Firewall of China" located outside of China ...?

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