The development of OpenOfficeMouse which has 18 buttons and can perform every operation with one hand is going on smoothly

MMORPGYaRTSIn a game of genres such as genre games, making a complicated operation succeed in a moment is the key to victory and defeat, but in such a case convenient is a mouse with many buttons. For example, Razer, famous for gaming suppliesNagaIn the case of the gaming mouse 17 buttons are attached and it is possible to input 19 commands in total with only the mouse, but now there are 18 buttons and analog joystick far exceeding it, And development of "OpenOfficeMouse" with powerful macro function seems to be progressing.

Details are below.
OOMouse: The Multi-Button Application Mouse

This mouse is named "OpenOfficeMouse", because its function is optimized based on the data of 6.22 million obtained by the usage statistics function of OpenOffice 3.1. Of course, it is not exclusive to OpenOffice, and by default it supports more than 20 software such as Adobe 's photo shop and AutoCAD.

Prototype. Iboibo feel like the crocodile's back gathers.

Setting software screen. If you use all 18 keys, wheels, and analog sticks, 52 commands can be entered with only the mouse.

Although it seems like a product like Iromono at first glance, it's actually quite sophisticated. The spec is below.

· 18 keys (Double click is possible, it is possible to assign keys of keyboard)
· Analog joystick (also available as 4, 8, 16 additional keys)
· Scroll wheel (clickable)
· 512 kilobytes of flash memory installed
- 63 profiles can be recorded in the mouse
· Macro with a maximum length of 1024 characters
· Production creation · management · automatic switching is possible with included software (open source with GNU license)
· Profile can be outputted with XML
· Mapping list can be output in PDF
· Scan rate can be changed between 400 CPI and 1600 CPI

By the way, about RTS, World of Warcraft, which is famous for having to scrutinize terribly large numbers of commands "All commands can be executed in 2 clicks or lessThat thing. It seems that working efficiency can be improved with not only games but all kinds of software.

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