Customizable & open source smart watch 'Watchy' for 5900 yen

Watchy , a freely customizable e-paper-equipped smartwatch that can be purchased for only $ 55,

is being developed by SQFMI , an open source developer of a variety of hardware.

Watchy by SQFMI | Watchy

Watchy adopts ESP32 as a communication module, and is equipped with a vibration motor and a 3-axis accelerometer. In addition, electronic paper with a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels is used for the dial, allowing the user to freely customize the display content.

The detailed specifications of Watchy are like this.

display 1.54 inch electronic paper (200 x 200 pixels)
processor ESP32-PICO-D4
Wireless connection Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Programming interface Built-in USB serial
Number of physical buttons Four
Touch panel Not equipped
sensor 3-axis accelerometer
Flash memory 4MB
Battery capacity 200mAh
weight 18g
Size Width 34 mm x length 46 mm x thickness 9 mm

Watchy is sold disassembled and must be assembled before it can be used. You can see how to actually assemble Watchy in the following movie.

Watchy Unboxing & Assembly-YouTube

Watchy's package looks like this.

The package contains double-sided tape, electronic paper module, battery module, board, and band.

First, connect the electronic paper module to the board ...

Secure with double-sided tape.

Then connect the battery.

If you attach the band at the end ...

Watchy is complete.

The electronic paper installed in Watchy can display grayscale fonts and bitmap images of up to 200 x 200 pixels. You can design various dials depending on the user's idea.

Watchy is looking for investment in the crowdfunding service 'CrowdSupply'. At the time of writing the article, we succeeded in raising $ 112,239 (about 12 million yen), which greatly exceeds the target amount of $ 25,000 (about 2.67 million yen), and it has been decided to commercialize it.

The investment plan is as follows. We also support shipping to Japan, but shipping charges will be incurred in addition to the investment amount.

$ 55 (approx. 5900 yen): Watchy and plastic case set
$ 40 (approx. 4300 yen): Watchy anodized aluminum case (case separately)

Watchy is open source and the blueprints and source code are available on the official GitHub repository.

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