Using LEDs to make cool light "Nixie tube" cool light "Lixie (Rixie)"

"Nixy tube" that displays orange-colored numbers, letters and symbols in a glass tube is cute but its unique look is cute, but it is not something that you can easily obtain like an LED light. The Nixie tube says he does not have what he likesCorner · NishijimaMr. built a microcomputer built-in LED and laser cutter to look like a Nixy tube LED light "Lixie (Rixie)"We are publishing our own work.

"Lixie", an LED alternative to the Nixie Tube •

I can understand what kind of light is Rixie in one shot by watching the following movie.

"Lixie" Color Test! - YouTube

It is Rixie that the number "4" emerges.

Numbers can be freely displayed from 0 to 9 ......

You can also change the color of the light.

When you look up, you can see that there are multiple transparent boards placed one on top of the other.

The following movie that the creator's commentary explains about Rixie.

"Lixie" Edge-lit Numeric Display for Arduino - YouTube

This is a prototype of Rixie.

As the light source, we use WS 2812 B which is the built-in LED light of the microcomputer, and LED color and the number to be displayed are controlled by Arduino.

An acrylic board that looks like a transparent glass plate. This is processed with a laser cutter and the prototype of Rixie is made. The boards are machined with numbers from 0 to 9, and numbers are displayed by lighting the corresponding boards.

There is a board in the bottom part of the Rixie, and the LED light is embedded here.

For example, changing the color of the LED light to dark orange color looks like this. It turns into a more Nixie tube-like look.

The figure which can understand the structure of Rixie in one shot is kore. 10 acrylic boards with numbers 0 to 9 engraved are fixed up and down and LED lights are attached below them.

The board with the LED light is like this.

20 LED lights are used and the board layout is like this.

What you need to make Rixie is as follows. In addition, the producer's corner will use online processing services for material procurement and processingPonokoIt seems that he used it.

· WS 2812 B × 20
· 1000 uF capacitor × 1
· Veneered board × 1
· Black acrylic board × 1
· Transparent acrylic board × 1
· M2.5 nut and bolt × 4

The Arduino library for Rixie control is published below.

GitHub - connornishijima / Lixie - arduino: Edge - lit Nixie - like display for Arduino!

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