'ATEM Mini Extreme' review for advanced video distribution with 8 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, and 2 USB ports

A new switcher, ' ATEM Mini Extreme, ' which is

a further evolution of 'ATEM Mini Pro, ' which is equipped with four HDMI inputs in the 70,000 yen range and allows quick video distribution with easy operation, has appeared from video equipment manufacturer Blackmagic Design. , I tried to compare the size with ATEM Mini Pro.

Blackmagic Design Announces ATEM Mini Extreme | Blackmagic Design

◆ Opening & appearance
The outer box looks like this. Lined up in the back is the ' ATEM Mini Pro ', which has similar functions packed into a small body. The ATEM Mini Extreme has a larger box because of its larger dimensions, but the Pro box is taller due to the way the contents are packed.

The contents are simple with only ATEM Mini Extreme, power adapter, and 4 types of converters to various international standards. The manual is not included because the

PDF file is distributed on the official website.

The main body dimensions are width 370 mm x depth 136.6 mm x height 39.6 mm. The body has a slightly forward leaning style, and the height is the value of the highest part. The weight is 1.23kg. It's about the size of a keyboard, but it's very dangerous to hold the ATEM Mini Extreme with one hand as if you were holding a keyboard.

There are slits for exhaust heat on both sides.

Input / output ports are lined up on the back side of the main unit. From the left, power supply, wired LAN (Ethernet), USB Type-C x 2, HDMI output x 2, HDMI input x 8, audio input x 2, earphone jack.

There is no heat exhaust slit, just a sticker with a serial number on the bottom.

The power supply is not just plugged in ...

A type that screws the root.

It looks like this when placed side by side with a slightly smaller ATEM Mini Pro.

Extreme is slightly superior in height.

◆ ATEM Mini Extreme unique features
The function as a switcher is common to ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini Extreme, so please refer to the review article of 'ATEM Mini Pro' for the main usage.

I tried using the production switcher 'ATEM Mini Pro' which is compact and lightweight and has a picture-in-picture function and a stream distribution function --GIGAZINE

Extreme has significantly more keys than Pro. This 'Select Bus' is used to assign sources to

effects and keyers.

Also, if you are using a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera or Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro as your input source camera, you can change the gain (sensitivity), focus, shutter, black level and iris (aperture) with the touch of a button.

There are 6 macro buttons that record a series of processes and execute them with a single button.

It also has a 'Super Source' feature that allows you to place multiple sources on your monitor at the same time. There is already a picture-in-picture function as a function to display two images on one screen, but in the case of SuperSource, more sources can be added.

Use ATEM Software Control to arrange the sources.

You can change the layout of the video by selecting 'Palette' in the pane at the right end of the switcher screen and then selecting 'SuperSource' in the item. The presets come with easy-to-use patterns, and you can fine-tune each source.

With the multi-view feature, the number of input sources has increased to eight, which means that the information on the screen will increase even more than with ATEM Mini Pro.

By default, the multi-view is a 13-screen display with a large copy of the program (output result) in the upper right.

This upper right corner can be displayed on 4 screens, and up to 16 screens can be displayed.

On ATEM's official website and manuals, images are posted that are used for sports broadcasts using multiple cameras and for recording programs that multiple people talk to. Actually, at first glance it seems that there are many buttons and it seems that you do not know what to do, but since there are many parts where buttons with the same function are lined up for each source, if you understand how each works, the rest is appropriate Just switch.

Since it is equipped with a stream distribution function, for example, if you connect a wireless LAN router or smartphone to the USB port and tether it, you can perform full-scale program distribution from anywhere where the power supply of ATEM Mini Extreme can be secured. I can do it.

ATEM Mini Extreme is on sale at the Blackmagic Design official store for 125,180 yen including tax. shipping fee is free.

ATEM Mini Extreme | Store Blackmagic Design


Also, at the time of writing the article, Amazon sold it at the marketplace for 122,650 yen.

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