EMobile announces new price plan with 3G built-in mobile router "Pocket WiFi" that can use multiple wireless LAN devices simultaneously

E-Mobile today announces the introduction of a compact, lightweight 3G built-in mobile router that enables wireless LAN devices to be used anywhere "Pocket WiFiWe announced.

Since it becomes possible to use a plurality of wireless LAN compatible devices such as a music player and a game machine simultaneously with not only laptop computers but also at the same time, it is also possible to use such as "enjoy browsing on the road with iPod touch" Besides, a reasonable new price plan for light users has also been announced.

Details are as below.
Press releases | Connect various, always connected. Release 3G integrated mobile WiFi router "Pocket WiFi (D25HW)" from 18th November ~ Let's carry with WiFi equipment of minimum pocket size, portable game machine etc | EMOBILE COMPANY |

According to this release, eMobile says to release the mobile router "Pocket WiFi (D25 HW)" compatible with IEEE 802.11 b / g from Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

"Pocket WiFi" has a built-in 3G communication module compatible with "HSPA" with maximum reception communication speed: 7.2 Mbps, maximum transmission communication speed: 5.8 Mbps, and even when there is no wireless LAN access point, e-mobile line It is possible to communicate with the wireless LAN device using the main body weight is about 80 g.

This is "Pocket WiFi".


Moreover, it is possible to set up WiFi easily by WPS compliance, and up to 5 simultaneous connections are possible, so you can easily use multiple devices such as laptops and game machines, USB modem and up to 16 GB It can also be used as a card reader corresponding to microSDHC card. The battery duration that is worrisome is about 4 hours.

Press Release | Introduction of New Price Plan "Value Data Plan" and "Value Data Plan 21" ~ 300MB Available from 2,580 yen / month ~ | EMOBILE COMPANY | Corporate Information

According to this release, from November 5 (Thur), a two-stage fixed-amount plan "value data plan" and "value data plan 21" for light users including 300 MB free communication as a new price plan will be introduced And that.

Content of the new price plan "Value data plan" and "Value data plan 21". "Value data plan 21" applies only to terminals compatible with 21 Mbps service.

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