Mobile router "Pocket WiFi (GP02)" with downlink maximum 42Mbps is available for sale

E-Mobile's was held in June2011 summer model recitalIt was announced at "Pocket WiFi (GP 02)It is now clear that sales will begin.

The popular mobile Wi - Fi router "Pocket WiFi" newly supports downlink high - speed communication standard "DC - HSDPA" of maximum 42 Mbps, but it is available for cheap application by applying campaign.

Pocket WiFi (GP02) compatible with up to 42 Mbps descent of Wi-Fi router No. 1 "Pocket WiFi" series fastest model is on sale from July 28th | Press release presentation | e-access

According to eMobile's press release, the company is to release "Pocket WiFi (GP 02)" from Thursday, July 28. If the contract type is "Basic", the payment amount at the time of purchase is 35,980 yen.

The model can communicate with up to 42 Mbps downstream and up to 5.8 Mbps upstream and can be connected simultaneously with up to 5 Wi-Fi compatible devices. Supporting up to 32GB compatible microSDHC card slot, it supports new file sharing by NAS function. The continuous communication time is about 4.5 hours.

By the way, when you contract with "EMOBILE G4 data plan (に ん S)", payment amount at the time of purchase is 4980 yen. furtherSince it is subject to "high-speed mobile campaign", the monthly fee is only 3880 yenIt has been with.

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