EMobile starts selling the iPad, and discounts with "Pocket WiFi" set

EMobile has started selling the iPad from today.

Unfortunately it is for corporate purposes at the moment, but services such as discounts when purchasing with a popular mobile wireless LAN router "Pocket WiFi" at the company are also being deployed.

Details are as below.
IPad | Corporate Customers | EMOBILE

According to EMOBILE 's official website, the company today sells a Wi - Fi model iPad for corporations starting February 4 (Friday).

The selling price is 48,800 yen for the 16GB model, 58,800 yen for the 32GB model, and 68,800 yen for the 64GB model.

When you purchase with "Pocket WiFi" as a set (contract with "Data plan on MAX"), a total of 69,900 yen discount is being made.

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