Eye eyelash that glows bright eyes at the eyes even at night "LED Eyelash"

There are false eyelash from something that gives voluminous feeling to something sparkling, and now false eyelashes are becoming an indispensable item for women for eyes to be sold as much as they can be sold at a 100 yen shop, but it will continue to shine no matter how dark it is There seems to be a light emitting type false eyelash.

It may be resistant to use in everyday life, but it may become an eye-catching presence if it is attached with a slightly different party or club etc.

Details are from the following.
Imoos + _soomipark.com :: 2007 LED Eyelash Interactive Costume (original work from 2005)

This is a false eyelash glowing even at night "LED Eyelash".

It is not a story of being glittery.

In a sense, my eyesight has improved considerably.

The difficulty is to see the cable as it is from the side.

Even at night it will shine like this.

Even if it is interrupted in the crowd, I can understand it quickly.

It is likely to be mistaken as an agent somewhere.

You can check with the movie from below. The place actually used is between the start of 41 seconds and 1 minute 15 seconds.
YouTube - sooNTSC

This "LED Eyelash" was designed by the artist group "Soomi Park" which is active in Seoul, and it seems that all the models and photographers he / she belongs to belong to "Soomi Park".

Furthermore, since "LED Eyelash" is not actually sold, it seems to be tolerable with glittering false eyelashes at present.

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