"The newest Car Manufacturer" Suzusho's "Supasse" and "Supasse-V(temp)"

Suzusho is a Nagoya based car manufacturer. Formerly they were a car importer and used-racer dealer. But in 2004, they were authorized as a car manufacturer and started selling their original Lotus Super 7-like coupe.

In Tokyo Motor Show 2009, they were introduced as the "14th car manufacturer in Japan" and demonstrated their "Supasse" and "Supasse-V"

Read on for detail.


The Supasse-V(temporary)

Length:3873mm(about 12.7") Width:1953mm(6.4") Height: 1160mm(3.8") Wheelbase: 2447mm(8.0') Weight: 850kg(1874 lbs.)

Red color does fit these coupes.

The wheel is also red.

The Supasse

"7" stands for Lotus-7. It's a clone of the British 2-seater.

Its cornering would be quicker and faster than other "7" clones for its rigid main frame and steering rack and pinion gear with 20% higher gear rate.

Of course there was big manufacturer like Caterham exhibiting Super "7" clone. You should check it, too.

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