"MyBeat" which can measure the condition of the heart by measuring heartbeat, body temperature, body movement

IPhone 6 (provisional name) rumored that Apple will announce in the summer of 2014, "HealthbookAlthough it seems that it seems to be equipped with a health care & fitness function called "health care and fitness function," a flow that seems to increase use of smartphones for health management will be seen, but it is held from May 28th to the 30th of 2014Wireless Japan 2014So, we analyze the state of human autonomic nervousness and can further grasp the "state of mental health" advanced one stepMyBeatThere was a system called a display called.

Heart rate sensor :: Union Tool Co., Ltd.

This small device is the heart rate sensor unit "WHS - 2" which senses the user 's physical condition and mental condition. It is about 4 cm square and weighs 14 grams, which is compact and lightweight, but it is possible to record the heart motion information of the user's cardiac cycle, heart rate waveform, heart rate, body movement detected by body temperature, 3 axis acceleration . Since the metal hook serving as the electrode is attached to the back (image right), it is possible to change the electrode according to the application.

It was such feeling when exchanged for a small electrode.

When using, it is designed to stick on the heart with the adhesive part of the electrode pad.

By connecting with my smartphone via Bluetooth, myBeat makes it possible to measure the state of the body and mind in detail in conjunction with the application.

The feature of myBeat is not only to measure heart rate, but to "RRI (cardiac cycle)It is based on the analysis based on it. It is known that the heartbeat of a human heart controlled by autonomic nervous system changes its cycle slightly due to a change in the state of the heart, and statistically measuring changes in its subtle cycle makes it possible for autonomic nerves It is a function unique to myBeat to detect the balance bias. By knowing this balance it is thought that it is stressful to the mind and it also leads to prevention such as "depression".

On the application setting screen, it is possible to switch the screen display between "cardiac cycle" and "heartbeat waveform".

The screen for "heart rate waveform" is here. "Body surface temperature", "heart rate waveform", and "acceleration" are displayed on the screen, indicating that the movement of the body is being monitored.

The screen of one "heartbeat cycle" looks something like this. Heart rate and body surface temperature are common contents, but the change of "heartbeat period" instead of the heartbeat waveform is displayed in a graph of milliseconds so that "fluctuation" of heartbeat can be confirmed . In the lower part, "autonomic balance" which is determined from the change of the cardiac cycle is displayed, it is possible to witness the state of the mind by the change of the color of the bar. In this screen, "orange"Sympathetic nervous system"Has become stronger, you can see that it is in a light stress situation.

This data was measured by the person in charge of Union Tool Inc. who was participating in the exhibition actually wearing myBeat, and it was just when it was describing the item to visitors at this time. It was a terrible state that the tension of the person in charge seemed to get in the hand.

Data measured with myBeat can be combined with GPS information acquired by the smartphone so that the change in position information and heart rate can be displayed on the map.

Furthermore, this data can be output as CSV data or sent by mail. The data gathered in this way isbig dataIt seems that it became possible to know the bias of data by the area by analyzing it as a. In fact, comparing the data of people in Hokkaido and those in Okinawa, people in Okinawa found that the parasympathetic nervous system tended to work strongly, and it seems that the results indicate that the relaxed state is stronger.

The model called "WHS-1", which is the model of myBeat "WHS-2", is said to have been used for research at medical institutions and medical universities.

More detailed data analysis is done there, and it seems that accumulation of know-how has led to the function of myBeat for a new smartphone.

At the company, myBeat is also developing technologies to have people related to driving a car, mainly professional drivers, wear them, detect the drowsiness during driving and sound an alarm to call attention, We are making systems to contribute to traffic safety.

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