A woman's doing with a limousine shopping mall is a big mess with a declaration that "everyone else won the lottery"

"All things in this store" seems to be the serifs that everyone wants to say once, but a woman riding a local shopping mall by limousine said, "Because I won the lottery today all my treats When I declared it, it seems that the crowd who heard it declared more and more and became a fuss.

Details are below.
Woman causes frenzy after arriving at shopping mall in limo and announcing she's won the lottery | Limo Broker News

A woman came by a limousine driver with a driver to a shopping mall in the state of Ohio, Burlington Coat Factory one day. This woman suddenly declared a high saying "I won the lottery, I will buy everything for everyone."

Even though it was just a noticeable limousine, it was where I was being noticed, so people who thought that I would get something to buy more and more and got to put on my hands. A fight occurred here and there, eventually the police started to go out.

Inside the actual store.

Initially, she is paying a treasurer with a credit card, she said she left a clothing store in the mall saying "I will come back again" when I exhausted the limit amount of 5,000 dollars (about 450,000 yen). However, because it did not come back later, the police arrested the woman for fraud and riot inducement. The fact that this woman hit the lottery was not acknowledged as the investigation progressed, and the intention is also unknown. Although I am paid for 5000 dollars at the time, I wonder if I wanted to taste the feeling of acting on everyone else ... ....

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