"Thank you for giving me money", a thief gives a bouquet and a card to the victim's woman

A strange incident occurred that a culprit who skimmed a woman's card and used a large amount of money sent a bouquet and a message card to the woman's home somehow.

"Cats eyeEven though a thief may send a notice letter before the crime like a thief, it is fairly unnatural to do a gift after the crime, but what was the purpose of the thief ......

The reaction of the victim to a gift from a strangely quiet skimming criminal is as follows.Scammer steals woman's credit card, sent her flowers and note saying 'Thanks for your money!'

America·Rhode IslandSkimming a woman's credit card, and the criminal who arbitrarily added the amount of 2,500 dollars (about 21,200 yen) amount to net shopping, for some reason knew that he sent a bouquet and a message card to the victim It was.

The victim, Stephanie Marisca, was alerted by Bank of America, who opened an account, that someone is shopping for about $ 2,500 at one time with her credit card.

And a few weeks later, a bouquet and a message card were sent from home to my house and the card was written with handwritten letters "Thank you for giving me money."

Cards sent from the criminal. I show the leeway to bother to send messages by hand.

"Married out by using another person 's cards thickly and, in addition," Thank you "?" Marisca who was puzzled ran to the police. She told her that the police station's police station is currently searching for the culprit who has skimmed her card.

It is said that Marucha is not obligated to pay the amount used by the criminal because the bank account has already been frozen, but she felt insulted by a joked gift from the criminal, he said he was very angry .

Stephanie Marisca responds to the interview.

I think women are pretty bad feeling that their address is being grasped by skimming committers, so I just pray that this culprit will be caught soon ....

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