How to easily steal other person's ATM or credit card PIN using iPhone


In a magnetic card such as a bank's cash card or a credit card, individual data is stored in the magnetic part of the card. Pulling out the information saved here and duplicating the cardSkimmingHowever, since only cards can be duplicated, there is no worry that they will be abused unless you know the secret code number at the time of use. However, it seems that it is possible to steal a password of a cash card or credit card easily by using an iPhone and certain equipment.

IClarified - Apple News - Video Shows How Easy it is to Steal ATM Pin Codes with an iPhone [Watch]

In the following movies, you can easily see that you are stealing the PIN code information on the card.

IPhone ATM PIN code hack - HOW TO PREVENT - YouTube

Mark Rober says that if you use the iPhone you can easily steal your PIN for other people's cards. It demonstrates how to steal your PIN at the shopping mall which is reflected in the back.

The camera switched to the inside of the shop, and a woman lined up in the cash register was projected.

The woman seems to have made a payment with the card, and he enters his personal identification number into the terminal at hand.

After the woman's account is over, Rober came to the cash register next.

Mr. Rober just shot a terminal that inputs the card's PIN number with his iPhone, but he said that it succeeded in stealing the password only with this.

Although it is possible to steal a PIN just by taking a photo with the iPhone, in order to do this trick it is necessary to do the infrared thermography with the iPhone "FLIR ONE"Must be used.

FLIR ONE is an infrared thermography that is attached to the iPhone and used like this.

By using this you can measure the temperature of the object simply by holding it like this.

Even a sofa where no one sits ......

If you look at FLIR ONE you will see that the temperature is changing only in part.

Why is the temperature changing only in part, because Rober sat down here just a few minutes ago. In this way, the things touched by humans will be hotter than the other parts touched.

Of course, over time, the whole temperature returns to almost uniform.

In this way, humans are higher in temperature than surrounding objects, so if you touch them, the temperature of the object will also rise for a certain period of time.

Hands on the wall for a while ... ...

If you release it, you will see well that the temperature is higher than others only the part where you put the hands of the wall.

This phenomenon also occurs in the keypad for entering the security code of the ATM, etc.

Push the keypad in the manner of entering the PIN number for testing ......

If you shoot this with FLIR ONE 's infrared thermography, it will become obvious which number you pressed.

Furthermore, considering "the heat decreases with the passage of time", it is understood that the highest temperature "5" is the number pushed at the very last ... ...

Conversely, the lowest temperature "1" is also understood to be the first key pressed.

The University of California San Diego surveyed this password theft method using this infrared thermography and it was possible to guess the correct PIN with 80% probability. Although it is getting hard to steal passwords over time, it is still possible to guess the correct PIN at a probability of about 50% when 1 minute passes after inputting the PIN number .

In addition, infrared thermography measures the temperature of an object using infrared light, so it is impossible to measure accurate temperature with a metal keypad that reflects it.

Even if you are using the entrance lock of the password number formula etc, you need to be careful as the password will be breached easily.

It is very easy to protect yourself from password theft using infrared thermography. When entering a PIN number just put your finger on another key and OK.

If so, the temperature of other keys also rises, so you do not know which key was pressed in which order.

By looking at the following article you can tell which device "Roir ONE" Rober used to steal a pin number is a terminal.

In case of iPhone 5 / 5s becoming infrared thermography "FLIR ONE" - GIGAZINE

You can take pictures like this when shooting with FLIR ONE.

Human face

Around the sink

PC screen

In the refrigerator

Other images taken with FLIR ONEfrom hereYou can watch.

For infrared thermographyAlmost everything from hundreds of thousands of yen to millions of yenHowever, FLIR ONE can be purchased for $ 349 (about 36,000 yen).

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