The robbers who appeared in the jewelry shop shed in about 10 seconds and what was going on

A movie photographed staff's struggle when a two-person robbery invaded a jewelry store. Although this robbery will disappear in about 10 seconds, the surveillance cameras installed in the shop are taking pictures of robbers and clerks from various angles and it will be clear to see what state they were in It is becoming.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Robbery gone wrong

The glass door at the entrance was broken.

A two-person robbery invades.

But it got out in about 10 seconds. What on earth happened ...?

Inside the shop. The robbers invaded us.

Robbers trying to destroy glass cases containing jewels.

But the chair flew from inside and hit the robbery.

Then something like white smoke came out. What was going on behind the glass case?

Picture from the counter. A robbery appears and is about to break a glass case.

A clerk who was inside fought with a chair.

Then another clerk wields the bat and tries to drive away the robbery.

Next, we responded with a fire extinguisher.

A clerk with a bat will follow the robbery.

It seems that it was finally chased after by a lot of sales clerks.

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