Whitebeard's bank robbery screams 'Merry Christmas!'

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At 12:30 on December 23, 2019, a bank robbery occurred in Colorado, USA. The man who took the cash from the bank was shouting, 'Merry Christmas!' While scattering the cash removed from the bag.

Witness: Bank robber throws money on the street, yells 'Merry Christmas!'

`` Today, at about 12:30, a 65-year-old suspect in a burglary incident at an academy bank in the city at around 12:30 am, '' Colorado Springs Police spokeswoman Jim Jefocat spokesman said. David Wayne Oliver has been arrested. '

A witness, interviewed by local TV station KKTV , said Dion Pascal, 'After the man seized money from the bank and left, he began to disburse money from the bag. !] ' According to Pascal, Oliver then entered a nearby Starbucks and was waiting for police to rush. Oliver's arrested Starbucks manager told the Denver Post , a daily newspaper in Colorado, `` It seems that no one in the store was paying attention to him because Oliver did not order drinks and was just sitting calmly. 'and we talked .

The crime scene looks like this. The Academy Bank is located on the four corners with flower beds.

Right next to the Academy Bank is the Starbucks store.

According to Pascal, Oliver's cash was collected by those present and returned to the bank. However, Jefocat's announcement said that thousands of dollars were still missing. Police also performed a physical examination while detaining Oliver's custody, but found no weapons.

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