FF13 Official Site Describes How to Cooperate With your Summon

The official site of FINAL FANTASY 13 has renewed and now there's a description of Lightning's Summon Odin, following Snow's Siva.

And also character description is updated on Lightning's sister Serah Farron who appeared in the third trailer of the game.

Read on for detail.

The official site with some notice about new contents.

Here's the battle procedure. You need "TP" to call your summon.

When you call summon, the battle goes to co-battle mode. The life of summon is indicated in SP and it reduces on enemy's attack or time passage. The summon will be gone if SP reaches to 0.

TP gauge turns to "Drive Gauge". It increases when you succeed in combo attack with your summon.

With enough Drive Gauge and SP, you can activate driving mode, which turns your summon to some kind of vehicle. Odin turn to horse.

The more Drive Gauge, the longer you can use driving mode.

And here's another character description. Serah Farron, protagonist Lightning's real sister and fiancee of Snow.

Serah facing snow.

"This will be our last meeting..."

Conversation with Vanilla. In contrast to her sister Lightning, Serah has some warming atmosphere.

"When Luci accomplishes his fate, he will turn into crystal and get immortality..."

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