Trailer release of "FINAL FANTASY XIII-2", a boy who seems to be a protagonist appears as a mysterious boy

Trailer of SQUARE ENIX's new RPG "FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2" is released on official website.

As far as you see the trailer, there are several characters that did not appear in the previous work "FINAL FANTASY XIII". The release will be released in December 2011, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Details are as below.FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 | SQUARE ENIX

YouTube - FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2 E3 2011 Trailer

Lightning that nestles in front of crystal and stuff.

From the serif of Lightning calling Serra, it can be seen that she no longer exists in this world.

The scene changes and the sera becomes a big picture.

Someone will show up to save Sera's crisis.

It is not her snow fish Snow ... but a mysterious boy who calls Sera "my prey".

It seems that the meteorite fell, but was something like the previous arrow also one of the meteorites?

The name of a mysterious boy is Noel Kreis. On the character introduction of the official website, June 7th 13: 41, only he has appeared, and the character of the previous work is not especially posted.

Suddenly, a person who seems to be a new character sits in front of the grave and tells Sera that her friend died on the way of purging.

And in the next scene the situation that Noel and Sera are hit by something huge hands.

Noel's wish is "It's the future where everyone is alive", which is irrelevant, but I remembered "Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica".

From here we go into the game screen. It seems that it almost follows the previous work, such as the display of the field map.

Move on the blinking floor when riding.

Battle screen against various monsters. You can see display that there is likely to trigger a technique by operating a single button.

Sera nods to Noer's question "Is it ok?" Or, the situation that Sera is fighting is a situation that can not be done in the previous work, but what kind of contents is it all in? ....

Since there is a display "CINEMATIC ACTION" on the upper left of the screen, it seems to be a mode that you can enjoy action with movie quality.

And from here it is a lightning turn. It looks quite different from the place where the seras are located.

Lightning jumping on the horse's appearing odin.

Battle scene while riding Odin.

Then the scene will come back to where the celes are.

Sera said to run away, but tripped over something and fell down.

As she calls out "Sister, please help!" Sera seems to remember the lightning properly.

But what appeared there was not lightning, a black hair woman.

The line of shock that "Lightning is already dead!" What kind of story composition is that on earth?

"FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2" will be released in December 2011.

A mysterious male character that does not appear in the movie of E3 announcement appeared in the tether trailer. As this character transitions from the appearance of the character to the display of the logo, it seems that the black character of the logo is this male character, but what role does the role play?

YouTube - FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2 Tizor trailer

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