Capcom complete new movie "Dragon's Dogma (Dragons Dogma)" is a big fight fighting play movie

As Capcom is an open-world action game for one person compatible with multi-player network, it will be a completely new title "Dragon's Dogma (Dragons Dogma)"Was officially announced in April, but now the biggest trade fair in the game industry held in Los Angeles, USA"E3 2011"Since the playable demo was exhibited at the venue, I will deliver the movie.

The movie that fights fierce fight against Chimera and Griffon who rush around with narrowing the screen is from below.
Capcom booth at E3 2011

"Dragon's Dogma" is exhibited at Playable.

Introduction of operation method. Weapons are bows and arrows and daggers, you can also choose how to shoot and cut.

It looks like you are actually playing.

I will fight death fight with bow and arrow on a huge Griffon opponent.

Looking at a movie like this. It will take a challenge against the Griffon who fly in the sky, but it is very bad with the opponent who freely plays in the sky, it seems to be hard to fight with bow and arrow.

YouTube - Capcom's "Dragon's Dogma" against Griffon

Next is where we fight a fierce fight against the chimera partner. Unlike the Gryphon unlike the Gryphon, I do not fly in the sky, I feel like I can fight relatively easily, but from being able to show unexpected movements with the Hirari kimono, from fighting actively with magic etc. It seems to be better.

YouTube - Chimera and fight fight at Capcom's "Dragon's Dogma"

"Dragon's Dogma" is a director, Mr. Izuno Ito, who worked on "Devil May Cry 4" and "Devil May Cry 3", scheduled to be released in early 2012. Compatible with PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, the second official site of the following trailer is currently published.

CAPCOM: Dragon's Dogma (Dragons Dogma) | 1st TRAILER

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