A woman resenting to the noise, trying to shoot down an airplane while jumping to the runway

The noise emitted by the aircraft is substantial, and if it is an airport built in populated areas, it can not be taken off and landing 24 hours a day, and the number of flight departures and arrivals will be limited. Even if the airplane is small it seems that the noise does not decrease much, and in MissouriUltra light planeA woman who was unable to endure the noise of the aircraft came aboard the airport and gunned an airplane on the runway.

Details are as below.
Woman tries to shoot down plane for being too noisy | Gadling.com

Judy Davis (69) lived near the airport of Missouri State. At this airport, in the afternoon Ultra light plane practicing flight was carried out, and occasionally the airplane flew near her house. Generally, in case there are complaints due to aircraft noise, I will contact the airports, local governments and Federal Aviation Administration, but Mr. Davis has taken actions by taking all the means away.

Mr. Davis hid his handgun in his pocket and headed to the terminal building at the airport, he said he shot the plane by jumping to the runway as it was. Whether she actually shot an airplane or fired to the ground is not clear, but at least the pilot interrupted the landing in a manner disturbing her.

Amazingly, the local police have made a $ 4,500 contract with her and have made her do the same again to prove that airport security is a "big puppet theater".

It occurred on 11th September 2001September 11 terrorist attacks in the United StatesEver since the water bottle was also checked, how was Davis able to enter the runway with possession of a handgun?

by the way"Men stopped at the airport because they had water, baggage knives are thruThere was also an event called "too much reaction to PET bottles, so it may be that other places are being neglected ... ...."

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