Hamsters who were "spiritual support" are refused to board and flushed to the toilet

byMarilyn Sherman

When a college student tried to board an airplane to return home, the hamster who was "spiritual support" from the airline was refused a ride and was forced to sink a hamster to the toilet of the airport .

Student says Spirit Air told her to flush hamster down toilet | Miami Herald

Sometimes a doctor recommends keeping animals as pets if judging that there is a benefit for the patient.Emotional support animalThere are many cats and dogs in animals called animal as spiritual support / ESA, but in the case of college student Belen Aldecosea it was a hamster.

The hamster's "Pebbles" and Aldecosea are reflected in the picture.

In November 2017, Aldecosea who tried to return home from the university needs to bring pebbles together, so in advance confirmed the fact that "Hamster ride is possible?" On the phone twice And that. When taking me to the airport and checking in, it was confirmed as "ESA as no problem" and I was able to check in in a small cage of size accepted as one piece of baggage.

However, despite multiple confirmations, Aldecosea, who was heading for security inspections, was stopped by the staff. And it was told that hamster ride was not permitted.

Aldecosea, who was informed that she could not take Pebbles suddenly, sought a solution for hours. However, although I called six car rental companies, I did not have a car that I could borrow in the holiday season, and if I were on the bus it took hours to arrive at my destination. It seems that I could not deposit it with difficulty in leaving it with my friend. Furthermore, Aldecosea went back home and had to cope with medical problems, so he could not stop homecoming and he seems to have fallen into panic.

According to Aldecosea, when he was worried about what to do, Spirit Airlines staff proposed a method of "flushing to the toilet". And, as he escaped outside and was cold, he seemed to be Mashi rather than being carped by a car and running him to the toilet of the airport. Aldecosea said about the situation at the time, "She was frightened and I was also frightened, trying to get her to the toilet was horrible."

Spirit is admitting that the staff inadvertently allowed the hamster to board, but denies the content that it showed the way to "flush it to the toilet".

Between 2016 and 2017 passengers appearing with ESA in the US increased by 40%, making it a pet to board aircraft has become a debate in the United States in recent years. Therefore, in 2018 some airlines established strict rules on boarding with animals. In the past, it seems that some passengers tried to raise peacock as ESA, but the Transportation Security Agency shows the opinion that there is no problem with hamster ride. "From the basket at the time of X-ray examination, if you pass it through a metal detector in your hand, hamsters will not be affected by radiation," Sari Koshetz, a public relations agency of the Transportation and Safety Agency I am talking.


Aldecosea, who attends Barry College, in 2017, realized that a painful lump in the golf ball was created in his neck. Aldecosea, who was worried about cancer, fell in autumn and feeling that something distracting from mental tiredness is necessaryDwarf hamsterHe said that he kept Pebbles of. In November it seemed that the lump was found to be benign, but because pain was still left, Aldecosea was about to return home in order to eliminate the lump.

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