Why do they even attack dogs even for dogs who have been battled for many years?

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A dog, which is a representative of a pet, is said to have lived with human beings for more than 10,000 years, and in modern times she dresses in a favorable treatment, wearing clothes for dogs and taking a walk while being held by the owner You can also see dogs. Even a dog, which should have a deep bond with such a human being, will attack the owner, but BBC explains why.

Why do dogs attack their owners? - BBC News

22-year-old Bethany Stevens said that two of the breeders raised since the puppyAmerican pit bull terrierDuring the walk, two dogs were attacked and died. When the sheriff announced that it was his dog that the murderer Stevens was killed, local people seemed to have received a lot of shock.

Stevens who died after being attacked by her dog

Experts commented that "still unclear" about the cause of dramatically changing the relationship between the owners and dogs that they should have had lived with until then. In general, however, there were several factors that made the dog angry, and it is necessary to pay attention not to give such stress to the dog.

It is a British veterinary charity organizationPDSAAccording to Sean Wensley, a senior veterinarian working at the dog, there is a possibility that a dog may take aggressive actions when he feels that he is being threatened. "Many dogs have a motive for biting behavior in" fear. "If Wellsley says something worthful (such as" my favorite place "," bed "or" ball ") When protecting it, there is a possibility that some act of humans is taken as an act of threatening the dog. "

byMatthew Henry

Carolyn Mentees, a dog trainer, says, "Christmas is a season when many people ask other people to ask a lot of people to" watch the dog while running a bit a shop " "I talk. When such a stranger comes to the house, their dogs will walk around and get excited, bored and confused. In such a case, humans can tell you something wrong with their words, but in the case of dogs they can only show their will in body language. Mentez points out that many animals will cause biting acts during the vacation season, as a result of such passing of dogs and owners, and so on.

Regardless of the time of breeding, BBC News argues that dog owners need to look at each other's behavior. According to Mr. Wensley, "If there is a competitive action with a dog, there is a possibility that it could lead to an act of threatening the dog." Generally, healthy dogs are more likely to become aggressive when they feel pain, for example, by forcibly pulling leads to put out dogs from the entrance, the opportunity to make their dogs aggressive There seems to be sometimes. Other diseases affecting the brain, such as liver disease and brain tumor, may also trigger an unexpected behavior in animals.

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NHSAccording to the survey, 7227 people were attacked by dogs in 2014 to 2015 and injured. And the smallest child suffered the most damage, 1159 children under the age of 9 were hospitalized. It was published in British Medical Journal, a British medical journalthe studyAccording to the report, 76% of dogs have experienced children. Children are often caught by lips, nose, cheeks due to their height, and if they get caught up in the carotid artery, it is very dangerous because there is a possibility of death with bleeding in large amounts.

Mr. Wensley points out that dogs not accustomed to people may be dangerous for small children. "It is normal for small children to take unusual behavior, there is the possibility of crying, hugging dogs and shaking hands, etc. These behaviors are horrible to dogs." Furthermore, when the dog feels uneasy and is trying to take action for biting, it will give us the sign of that anxiety. The signs are gestures such as licking the lips, lowering the posture, killing the ears behind, and placing a tail under the feet. Wennesley points out that a combination of a dog and a small child not accustomed to a person may be dangerous because it is highly likely that a small child can not notice signs from such a dog.

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When bringing a dog with a child or a stranger, it is important to carefully consider past actions, such as whether a dog is accustomed to a small child or whether he / she can be adult even without an owner. "The problem is that young puppies are suddenly exposed to contemporary sights and sounds," Pennsley said, puppies raised in pastures built in the countryside in rural areas are purchased on the Internet It is said that the current situation that it can be brought to the city suddenly is uneasy and frightening enough to make the dog aggressive enough.

In addition, it seems best to train from a young age to prevent dogs from attacking.

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