The name of the boy agrees with the terrorist register, refused to board the plane

The name of the boy living in the state of Kansas agreed with the one listed in the name list of the terrorists determined by the airline company and it seems that he refused to board the plane. I think that it is impossible for children to overlook them because recently carry-on items are also severely restricted.

Details are as follows.
MyFox Kansas City | Metro 8-Year-Old Shows Up On No-Fly Terrorist List

8-year-old Brian Moore who lives in Kansas trying to check in at the Cortez Airport in Colorado to return home, "I can not afford to get on this plane because you are a terrorist" It is said that it was said.

As a result of examination, it seems that the name "Brian Moore" was classified as the third grade in the terrorist list. According to TSA (Transportation Security Administration), it is said that children are not included in this list, and if the name of the child matches the list, it is necessary to arrange the arrangement so that the airline can board the plane Thing.

After all, I decided to carry on paperwork and decide to place Brian on the airplane, but at that time the plane planned to take off took off.

If the name of the terrorist was popular, people in trouble are likely to come out.

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