Men stopped at the airport because they had water, baggage knives are thru

In order to eliminate the possibility of terrorism and hijacking in an airplane where there is no escape place, checks are prohibited to prohibit bringing in of dangerous goods, but due to water entering the bottle it will be stopped Although he knew that the knife he had had a man who did not catch the examination.

Details are as below.
Man takes knife through airport security but stopped for bottle of water - Telegraph

Adrian Elvy, a 39-year-old who tried to move from Bristol airport in Britain to Barcelona on an employee trip, was stopped by an inspector as it had one water.

After that, Elvy, who noticed that a 6-inch (about 15 cm) tool knife made of stainless steel used for work was in his work as he tried to withdraw money from his baggage, the knife got into the accident and the knife got confused I told the fact that the policeman was surprised and said, "I was just about to place it as it was," and after receiving the knife, I asked which machine I inspected. "I know I can not bring liquids (possibly dangerous) to the airplane and I am pleased that I could find the water I had, but I had overlooked the knife in my baggage It is strange, "Elvy says.

Elvy the knife did not catch on the exam. Finally, the knife was deposited at the airport and he told me to return it when I returned from Barcelona.

Bristol Airport spokesperson said: "No details on security issues are commented on, the monitoring is solid by the transport department.In the internal survey on this matter there were no problems with the procedure.Please direct our attention to luggage monitoring I am grateful to Elvy for his actions. "

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