BMW announces to withdraw from F1 as long as this season, motorsports other than F1 continue

Luxury car makers based in Munich, GermanyBMWAnnounced that it will withdraw from Formula 1 as long as this season. Speaking of F1, it is the world's best automobile race, but the impact of the recent financial crisis is significant, and in December last yearHonda announces withdrawaldoing.

BMW to the F1 World Championship "BMW Sauber F1 Team"As part of the New Concorde Agreement, it was planned to decide to participate in Formula 1 until 2012 until a few days.

Details are as below.
BMW to exit Formula One at end of 2009 season.

【F1】 BMW announces withdrawal in the season - MSN Sankei News

BMW announces withdrawal of F1 【】

President Norbert Lighthofer, Klaus Drager development manager, and Mario Theissen BMW Motorsport coach attended the press conference. "The sustainability and environmental compatibility are the most important issues for automobile manufacturers and are the fields we would like to lead, but the importance of continuing to challenge Formula 1 is less than that," Litehufer said. "A difficult decision It was based on strategy as BMW though it was. " Mr. Thaisen, who is also the representative of the BMW Sauber F1 Team, says, "Although I am sorry to withdraw from F1, I will concentrate on the rest of the race and leave good results." It seems that BMW's other touring cars and Formula BMW are participating in the contest.

BMW showed active involvement, including participating in spots from the 1950s when F1 began, won the first win in the Canadian Grand Prix in 1982 (team is Brabham, driver Nelson Piquet). Since 2005 I acquired the Sauber team and worked as "BMW Sauber F1 Team" leaving good result. This season Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld have two people, Heidfeld is second in the Malaysian Grand Prix where the red flag was interrupted due to rain, but often sinks in double-digit arrival order, ranking eighth among the 10 teams I was struggling.

The F1 World Championship has undergone a major regulation change in 2010, and three new teams are scheduled to participate, but how will this withdrawal affect other teams?

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