Moss's Chicken Festival 2009, "Hot Chicken Burger" and "Curry Chicken Burger" Tasting Review

Moss Burger has launched a campaign called "Moss Chicken Festival 2009".Popular menu revived in 2008 as a menu you want to eat once again in moss"Hot Chicken Burger",It was released in 2007I added "Cheese Curry Chicken Burger" to two kinds of resurrection menu of "Curry Chicken Burger", it was quite an interesting lineup, so I went to eat at once.

Review from below.
MOS BURGER Moss' Chicken Festival 2009

There was a curry of curry chicken burger in front of the shop.

Because the wind was strong, it does not reflect well, but the curtain of 'Moss' Chicken Festival 2009' has come down.

So I bought three kinds of burger.

First of all, hot chicken burger, 300 yen. I feel like I'm getting bigger than before ...

Patty is, of course, chicken.

A crimson sauce. It is painful as it looks, but it does not draw back because it is painful as it runs through the mouth. Tomato combined with salsa flavor.

Two types of curry chicken burger.

Normal curry chicken burger, 250 yen.

If you crush from the top and bottom, it will be a good size just to hang.

Cheese Curry Chicken Burger has things like mayonnaise sauce under chicken. Thanks to curry sauce, odor is curry but it is not so spicy taste, it is sweet like a barbecue sauce to chicken nugget. Cheese and curry have good compatibility, but since the sauce is not curryish, I felt that I could not make so much advantage. I wish it was even more spicy curry sauce.

In the shop, this is a flyer with a forehead.

"To delicious curry, shabby cabbage, washoi!"

If you agree with the claim that "Summer is chicken and spice !!" Please eat it.

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