Moss' "Tokachi croquette" tasted out simple taste of potato Taste Review

When I say Mos Burger, "Nippon's burger tasteFrom an expensive burger that can not be said to be very fast food likeRice burgerAlthough various burgers are issued to various kinds of things like July 7 (Tuesday), one of the new products added is not a burger but a side menu "Tokachi croquette." Before,Tokachi croquette burgerFrom when I ate "I want to eat this croquette alone.Because I thought that,Moss chicken festival 2009I ordered it and tried eating it.

Details are as below.
MOS BURGER | Menu | Side menu | Tokachi croquette

Tokachi croquette of 120 yen per one. It seems that the container reuses Pi's.

The size is just about to be hamburger.

cross section. There are tightly packed potatoes.

Clothing may be unsatisfactory for those looking for a thin and crispy feeling, but it is crunchy because it is fried. Because the seasoning is not something special, it is light salty, so the taste of red bean is transmitted directly. The contents are clogged with Gissiri but it is not Pasapasa but moist and the comfort of eating is quite good together with the crispy texture of the clothes. It is delicious to eat as it is, but it may be delicious if you try to eat it with sauce. Compared to the croquette of the butcher, this croquette may be disadvantageous because it is only potato, but the croquette of convenience stores is overwhelming. It might have been easier to buy if the price is 1 coin (100 yen).

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