"Moss ice sheik" that can be cooled with ice and vanilla shake Taste Review

"Hot Chicken Burger" and "Curry Chicken Burger",Tokachi croquetteAnd I ate only the warm things, so I tried the new product "Moss Ice Sheikh Ichigo" and "Moss Ice Sheikh Soda" in order to tighten with a cool dessert at the end. Today was a sultry day that the humidity is high and the temperature rises to nearly 30 degrees, so it became cool at a stroke.

Review from below.
MOS BURGER dessert

Ice shake is limited for a limited time, so be careful. One 250 yen.

Soda with pale blue ice. White grains look like ramune.

Mix with vanilla shake. Ice part was shamiswa feeling of Ramune ice which is sold in 8 boxes of one box or 10 pieces. It is a taste like cup ice with vanilla ice in the center and ice packed around it.

This is Ichigo. It is properly filled with pulp.

Strawberry milk Ice flavor of the strawberry part of the ice cream might be like a little jam. After eating it will be cooler, but if you eat it at once in a flash of ice, your head will be troubled as keen. The impression that it is high as expected is 250 yen, I could not wipe it.

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