I ate McDonald's 'cookie & cream pie' with rich sweetness and 'Oreo cookie & cream hot latte' with plenty of Oreo & cream

`` Cookie & cream pie '' wrapped in vanilla ice cream and cocoa cookie cream appeared at McDonald's on January 11, 2023 (Wednesday). In addition, McCafe by Barista has introduced “ Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte” and “ Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe ” with plenty of Oreo toppings. In order to enjoy sweet sweets with plenty of cookies, I actually went to McDonald's and ate new sweets.

'Belgian Chocolat Pie' and 'Cookie & Cream Pie' will be available for a limited time from 1/11 (Wed.)! | McDonald's Official


The new 'Oreo® Series' and 'Macaron Double Nuts' will be available for a limited time from 1/11 (Wed.)! | McDonald's Official

Arrived at McDonald's.

First, I ordered a 'cookie and cream pie' at the counter that handles regular items.

Next, I moved to the McCafe counter and ordered 'Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte' and 'Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe'.

'Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte', 'Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe' and 'Cookie & Cream Pie' look like this. 'Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe' came with a straw with a spoon-shaped tip.

◆ Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte
When opening the lid of 'Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte', the top of the latte was topped with cream, crushed Oreo and chocolate sauce.

When you drink it, the cold, sweet cream hits your mouth first, followed by the warm, bittersweet latte. However, the Oreo topped on the cream was difficult to put in the mouth, and the Oreo remained in the cup until the end of drinking. By the time Oreo enters your mouth, Oreo's crispy texture is almost lost, so if you're looking for Oreo, it's safe to choose another drink.

◆Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe
Removing the lid of 'Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe' looks like this. The top of the cup is topped with plenty of whipped cream and Oreo.

Looking at the whipped cream part nearby, it looks like this. It also has chocolate sauce.

Oreo is also included in the lower drink part, and cocoa-flavored Oreo jumps into the mouth one after another through a thick straw.

The tip of the straw is shaped like a spoon, so you can easily carry Oreos and whipped cream to your mouth. Unlike 'Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte', 'Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe' enjoyed Oreo's crispy texture.

◆ Cookies & cream pie
The package of 'Cookie & Cream Pie' looks like this.

The surface is fox-colored.

Cocoa cookies are contained in the pie with a slight texture, so you can enjoy the crispy texture of the pie and the moist and crispy texture of cocoa cookies at the same time. The white cream is vanilla cream, but the sweetness is so strong that the vanilla taste is hidden behind, leaving a vanilla flavor in the mouth after swallowing.

'Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte' is M size 420 yen including tax, 'Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe' is M size 490 yen including tax, and 'Cookie & Cream Pie' is 180 yen including tax. Wed) for a limited time. However, 'Oreo Cookie & Cream Hot Latte' and 'Oreo Cookie Vanilla Frappe' can only be ordered at McCafe by Barista stores.

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