A valuable movie that shot the whole story until dropping "iPhone 3GS" just bought up to the pool

When I was enjoying movie shooting with Apple's mobile phone "iPhone 3GS" just released this month, it seems that there are unfortunate users who dropped in the pool. However, when I pulled up and raised, iPhone 3GS worked safely without failing, and it was able to record firmly the whole part that was submerged.

It seems that I was able to shoot a very valuable movie by accident by thinking that it was close to a miracle that I was safe despite submerging.

Details are as below.
This is a movie that submerged the main body when shooting movies with iPhone 3GS. It begins with a peaceful scene of poolside.
YouTube - iPhone 3GS dropped in the pool. Still works!

The floating rings are inflating.

It looks like she enjoys sunbathing.

Suddenly underwater. Apparently it seems to have dropped.

A state just before lifting. The photographer 's face is distorted because it is being taken from underwater, but you can see that the expression of bitterness is floating.

In addition, this submerged iPhone 3GS is wearing a rubber cover and it works safely even as of June 28, when eight days have passed since the video was uploaded June 20, 2009 That's right.

Considering that repair fee is very expensive, it is a very fortunate event ... This is ...

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