Michael Schumacher's old house, complete with a gymnasium and pool, rented for 2,550,000 yen per month

Former F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher moved to a new mansion on the banks of Lake Geneva, so he decided to rent an old house. It seems that there is considerable space only at the house where Schumacher lived, who earned 80 million dollars a year (about 7.6 billion yen) in the peak period, the rent is 19,000 euros per month (about 27,000 It is said that the dollar is about 2.55 million yen).

Details are as below.
Michael Schumi Schumacher will seine alte Villa am Genfer See vermieten - Sport - Motorsport - Formel 1 - Bild.de

Schumacher owned a house called "Villa La Chenai" in a small village named Vufflens-le-Château, but he seems to decide to rent an old house because he built a new mansion on the shores of Lake Geneva. The site area is 750 square meters, the building has eleven rooms and gymnasiums, swimming pools, stable, etc. It is said that it will be leased at 19,000 euros a month (about 2.55 million yen).

The new mansion of Schumacher has a land area of ​​2,200 square meters and 29 car garages, which also combines heliport and football ground.

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