Early reservation campaign that you can purchase the latest OS "Windows 7" at super cheap, ending suddenly at the flood of booking

The other day at GIGAZINEThe reference price of Microsoft's latest OS "Windows 7" was announced, and at the same time "Windows Thank you" campaign to buy the upgrade version was startedI informed you that due to concentration of reservations it became clear that the campaign ended without waiting for the scheduled 10 - day period.

Apparently it was very cheap and it seems that it gathered more than expected response.

Details are as below.
Microsoft Windows: Windows LIFE WITHOUT WALLS to the world without wall - Windows 7 Online only pre-order

According to the Microsoft "Thank you Windows" campaign special page, it seems that the campaign ended without waiting for the initial planned period of 10 days because it reached the limited number after receiving orders exceeding expectations .

In addition, we will continue to propose various promotions in the future so that we can provide various benefits to many users, including the request we obtained this time.

It was a very profitable campaign that the upgrade version "Windows 7 Professional" with a reference price of 25,800 yen can purchase the upgrade version "Windows 7 Home Premium" of 10,7777 yen, reference price 15,800 yen at 7777 yen Is there a possibility that similar campaigns will be expanded again?

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