The painful report that the "crack entered" to the white model of iPhone 3G is rushing

Although it is released on July 11, it is an iPhone 3G which shows high popularity such as sold out immediately, but the white model is newly added to the 16 GB model in addition to the conventional black.

And three weeks passed since the release, it seems that there are a lot of painful reports saying "A crack on the white model entered".

Details are as follows.
White iPhones are cracking | - Canada's iPhone Home!

According to this article, I finally realized that the white model of the iPhone 3G I finally got started to break in a few days.

In the case of this user, there are cracks mainly in the vicinity of the volume button, etc. It means that there is absolutely no dropping on the floor during use.

And Apple'sMany similar complaints are received also in the official forumThere seems to be no report example of similar situation in the black model.

Also, the same discussion has been held in forums where the following Apple users gather, and images are also uploaded.

3G - Cracks in Plastic Housing - Mac Forums

There is a crack next to the headphone jack.

Here is a crack in the corner.

Why is there a crack in such a place ...?

OnceThe liquid crystal of iPod nano is easy to breakAlthough there was a problem of being, there is such thing that Apple replaces it free of charge as it did at that time? It is a place to worry because it is expensive shopping.

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