Another "Ramune steamed bread" tasting review color with white color

Even before, I made a blue-colored "rice cake texture ramune steamed bread" and brown "cola flavored steamed bread"ateHowever, I also found a white "Ramune Steamed Bread", so I bought it and tried it. It is a healthy atmosphere because it is not blue, but how about the taste?

Details are as below. It feels cool with a transparent light blue package.

Production was the same as Tsushima made in blue "Ramune steamed bread".

The size of the bread is small compared to blue "Lambne steamed bread". Just opening the bag smells fragrant.

There is no source etc inside.

Unlike the previous steamed bread, the rich sense of touch is zero and it is steamed bread of normal. The taste has a slightly stronger sour taste, it feels more like a ramune, but there are editorial staff who feel that it is like "cheese steamed bread, not feeling anything like smell but taste of ramune at all." There is a bit of bitterness like baking soda in the aftertaste, but it was balanced to be deliciously eaten until the end.

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