Fishing up someone's GoPro sinking in the bottom of the river, succeeded in regenerating the contents, was it ... reflected?

Flying with active wing suits on active volcanoesIn addition,A whole story of the tension of a cyclist who encounters a pistol robberyAre stored, GoPro sometimes leaves unexpected video even in situations you can not encounter usually. A part of unexpected nature was projected in GoPro that some people found from underwater.

The day we caught a GoPro fishing - YouTube

This video was released to the public,Dan RoseThis person with the id of. When I went out to sea fishing with my sibling on my birthday, it seems that GoPro sunk in the sea caught on the sister's fishing line.

GoPro withdrew this. In addition to being dirty with mud and seaweed, it seems that shells like barnacles have adhered, apparently Dan Rose says that it may have been more than a year since it submerged.

GoPro was totally broken by being exposed to salt water.

However, apparently only the microSD card was in a condition that it could operate. Dan Rose seems to decide to publish this video to return the card to the original owner.

Movie starts from scenery like yacht harbor. It seems to be standing at a wharf.

Apparently from the scene touching GoPro with both hands, it seems that he was trying to record the scene of diving by fixing the camera to the head with a belt.

People like friends are also reflected, it may be a big hint to find the original owner.

Also the figure of a person enjoying a canoe.

The position of the camera changes a little, and looks like a middle waist. It is about to jump into the sea from now.

, The angle of the image rotates with the gurin, and the state is upside down. Because things like hair are reflected, the original owner may be a woman.

The foundation of a wharf stands ... ...

Dong Bon under the sea. From here, I think whether the figure swimming in the sea will be reflected ... ...

GoPro going down and steadily. The state of the ocean floor gradually becomes visible ......

I reached the ocean floor. Apparently, GoPro seems to have been on his head seems to be out of band.

As the subtitle "I hear the voice trying to find the camera many times", something like voice is recorded. In this state, it was said that the picture was being taken over 1 hour or more.

On the way, the tidal current in the sea seems to have changed, the angle of GoPro changes.

"Nothing has happened for a while ... but ..."

"after that……"

Hey, something black stuff appeared.

It looks like an eerie creature ... ....

Apparently this is the state of the crab walking the ocean floor. I am watching GoPro where the red lamp flashes while making my mouth fluttering, but is he thinking that its appearance is merely rare, or is he thinking "I can eat ...?"?

As time passed, the crab has left the place.

Dan Rose concluded the video with a message saying "We will not be able to repair the camera anymore, but I would like to return the video I was shooting for the original owner, please share!" Because of that effect, at the time of writing the article, this movie was reproduced about 1.8 million times or more.

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