"Black company .com" that judges how black your company and company you want to get a job is

The other day at GIGAZINEA website called "company slave .com" that will judge how much you are transforming into a company slaughter has been establishedI told you that this time we will be able to judge how much black company is your company or company you want to get a job "Black companies .com"Was established.

It might be recommended for those who are doubtful from the everyday that their company is a black company or for students who are feeling somewhat like a black company from a company that wishes.

Details are as below.
Black company.com - We will judge the black company's degree of business and aspiring destination!

First of all, I choose whether I am currently in employment or job hunting. Every 25 questions are prepared for each question.

When answering that it is working. Some of them are "written letters of written letters and compliance written easily", "I can impose realistically unachievable norms", "Illegal acts are done in the company" "Do not train newcomers,OJT (On-the-Job Training)I will immediately put it in the field as a question ".

When answering that you are hiring a job. "Yearly recruitment has appeared", "Emphasize performance-basedism" "Words such as" dream "," enthusiasm "," motivation "are frequently used in company introduction," management is worshiped " There are a number of items that makes it suspicious that it is a black company, such as making a decision to join the company.

The judgment result is like this. It is also possible to publish the judgment result.

After all, if it is judged that the company in which you work is a 100% black company, should you think about changing jobs promptly ...?

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