Killing knowing that she was a former man who was dating for two years

It seems that there was a case that a man who was dating after knowing that she was a former man who underwent a sex change operation had murdered her.

Everyone seems to have a secret that can not be easily revealed, but it is very difficult to confess such secrets to even those with whom they are dating, and it makes me think again that it is a delicate problem It is said that it can be said to be a case.

Details are from the following.
Man kills girlfriend of 2 years after learning she used to man a /

RussianVolgogradVladimir (33 years old) living inSt. PetersburgWhen I went to travel to Camilla I met a woman called Camilla, Vladimir seems to have loved Camilla at first sight. After that, Vladimir and Camilla who went back to Volgograd seemed to have been doing long distance relationships such as dating, but they said that they came together immediately. It seems that Camilla did not talk much about the past, but he said he did not care about Vladimir.

Two years after starting socializing, Vladimir propose to Camilla, but he said that he was told that he was told that "I have not taken an important step yet and still need time to do so." Vladimir was checking postal items etc suspected that Camilla is cheating, but I did not find any evidence of cheating. However, it is very bothering that it is described as "Cyrillic" instead of "Camila" in the mailing address, and when I look it up, Camilla has undergone sex change surgery in Australia several years ago, It seems that it turned out that the above procedure was also done.

Camilla on the left is the sex change, Camilla (Cyrillic) on the right is the sex change.

Uladimil who was unacceptable to keep silent that Camilla had been transgered killed Camilla that came home. After that, I tried to commit suicide leaving a memo "Sayonara", but it seems that I could not commit suicide. Vladimir was accused of murder and is in a state waiting for a trial to be held in the detention center.

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